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  • Practice makes perfect: a good adult case for beginners
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    Hello everyone!

    We are a young team which has just stepped into the field of affiliate marketing – RPT. Today we want to present our short case to you. We have been driving traffic to AdCombo’s adult offers for different GEOs. There will be no overwhelming numbers, but we will try to describe in detail our approach to choosing an offer, testing and scaling – the cornerstones of the success in this case. 

    Let’s get started!

    • Affiliate Network: AdCombo
    • Traffic Source: FB
    • Offer: Maral gel
    • Geo: Italy
    • Period: 11/04/2019 – 26/12/2019
    • Costs: $ 8,237
    • Income: $ 17,906
    • Profit: $ 9,669
    • ROI: 115%

    Looking for an offer

    First of all, we asked our manager which offers are popular right now in Europe. When we received a list of offers suitable for our requirement, we went on to look at them through the spy services. We usually use AdSpy and AdHeart. There we found out more arguments for that fact that adult offers are currently doing great for European GEOs. Thus, we took a decision to try running traffic on Maral gel – IT

    Choosing creatives

    Here we also use spy services to see what approaches other affiliates use. It’s very important to take into consideration what creatives are being used currently. Usually, we make similar creatives or use our own creative pairs which have been performing well previously. 


    Images were censored by the AdCombo Team

    How does this creative work? 

    The thing is that instead of porn pics, Facebook algorithms see and process beautiful pics of New Year’s trees from Google. 

    In the FB interface, we always choose the zone that is shown to people. The FB bot sees photos from Google, and the final audience is left with the creative material itself.

    Pictures from Google often need to be changed in order not to post the same pics and avoid being banned. So it’s possible to get more from the Ads Manager. In order not to change the pics ourselves in Photoshop, we bought a freelance script which did everything itself. 

    Offer Testing

    Upon our experience, adult prelanders perfectly match with adult offers. We used the same tactics with AdCombo and prepared porn prelander. 

    [62381] blog Maral Gel – IT – the best adult prelander we ever did;

    [61794] Mens Secrets (cens) Maral Gel – IT– using this prelander we created a prelander and performed a couple of experiments with small and big dicks. Yeah. 


    We suppose that to make a user interested in an offer, there should be a logical linking between a creative and a prelander. If a prelander contains porn, then a creative also has to contain porn. If there is a penis enhancing story, that ends up in transforming an ordinary man into the King of Pussy, then a creative also has to show the growth of the male organ.

    This was an example of how we selected prelander and creatives. Usually, we connect the creative with the prelander everywhere by meaning.

    Regarding landing pages, here we used [59768] Maral Gel – J-Sins – IT.  Together with the second prelander it was a good working duo. When we received our first leads, we asked AdCombo to make custom prelanders with the order form. 

    To be honest, we understand that every second affiliate can do this easily, but we do not like messing up with technological issues.

    After we have tested the prelander with the order form, we saw, that the lead price became even cheaper, but the approval rate also fell down and was the same as with the previous prelander. 

    Then after we had chosen the best duo of landing page and prelander, we started testing the offer. 

     How we performed tests?

    For instance, we have four creatives and two prelanders. We use these four creatives with the first prelander, then with the second one. For each creative, we use approximately 3 different FB Ads accounts. 

    It’s worth mentioning that we DO NOT DO all these steps in one day, because for 4 creatives we use 12 accounts with 2 prelanders. Thus, we had 24 accounts.

    In this case, we ran traffic and set ad set budget optimization with a $50-75 budget. We ran traffic with one or two ad sets. 

    Why do we do so? We use various accounts for testing, because we prefer to run traffic with manual bids. For this, we need to clearly know the average price of a lead.


    Having learned the average price per lead, we set BMs with a limit of $350 at a manual bid. We ran 3-5 ad sets with a budget of $700-1000. In the settings, most often we select ‘marginal price’ and bet $0.5-1 more than the real average price of a lead.

    Guys, unfortunately, we did not save screenshots from FB. We apologize very much for this. From now on, we will try to save such screenshots.

    What results did we manage to achieve with manual bid?

    Below you can find a screenshot from our own bookkeeping. We spent 2652 RUR (~36 USD). There were 525 USD approved. Profit amounted to 30423 RUR (~410,5 USD). ROI 1147%.

    The disadvantage of a manual bet is that it may not work at all. It may spend a very small amount and stop. But here the results were satisfying for us. Btw, this is exactly what happened on this screen: with the manual bid we spent 2600 RUR, but we earned more than 33000 rubles all in all. 

    Warning: remember that not for all offers you run traffic with the  manual bidding is suitable. 

    Then we stopped the manual bidding. We changed our strategy and decided to run ad sets with automated bidding with the same $350 limits in BMs. 

    We ran 5 ad sets with a $100 budget each. Some of them we stop in the process, because the CPL is too expansive, but, for some of them, we doubled budgets when there were  10-15 leads per ad set. Sometimes it happens that the audience is lost and leads become expensive, so be careful with this.

    AdCombo Statistics

    What AdCombo did for us to help with the offer?

    Later AdCombo increased the payout up to $27 for us. Also, fast approval of leads and low percentage of trash make working with AdCombo even better. 

    Always communicate with your manager! If you run stable traffic and on a regular basis, you can feel free to ask your manager to increase payouts. 

    Meanwhile, we will do our best to publish more cases with FB ads (with screenshots this time). Hope you enjoyed reading this article. 


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  • malli mastan 07.04.20 at 12:48 pm

    Is that a Conversion Campaign Or Pay Per Lead Campaign? On Which Page You Are making Pixel Fire? What kind Of Cloaking you Are Using?

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 27.04.20 at 6:05 pm

      Hi, Malli!

      1) It was a conversion campaign;
      2) The pixel fired on the “thank you” page;
      3) Cloaking service Im Klo was used.

      Best wishes!

  • Mark 07.04.20 at 4:44 pm

    very informative i am working on adcombo and love this network 🙂

  • Leandro 07.12.20 at 10:32 pm

    hi, I didn’t understand the part of the creatives. What kind of creatives were shown? and how to avoid having creatives for male enhacement to be rejected by facebook?

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 15.12.20 at 4:12 pm


      The creative for the offer is hidden in the picture that seems compliant to the Facebook algorithm.

      In the case study, there is an abstract describing how this method works:

      In the FB interface, we always choose the zone that is shown to people. The FB bot sees photos from Google, and the final audience is left with the creative material itself.

      To pass the FB moderation smoothly when promoting an adult offer, you need to avoid using pornographic, sexualized, and nude images.

  • Anil Saini 13.02.21 at 3:48 pm

    hey how to crate adult landing page for facebook ads

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 15.02.21 at 2:00 pm

      Hi! You can use either a Google website, Shopify, or another source that FB considers trustworthy. Please note that the name and description of the page mustn’t include any references to an Adult product. Moreover, the landing page must be white, so it mustn’t have erotic and suggestive pics, fake comments and reviews as well as a doctor’s recommendation. Don’t forget that a privacy policy and a website user agreement are the must-be parts of your future site.

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