• Earn more with AdCombo Loyalty Program!

    We at AdCombo are 100% sure that it’s necessary to encourage our loyal users, and we have launched our own loyalty program which allows to earn even more with AdCombo.

    Wanna know more? Read the rules and conditions below!

    Who can take part in AdCombo Loyalty Program?

    Any user with a stable income starting from $200 a day. 

    What bonus percentage should I expect in the AdCombo Loyalty Program?

    The bonus percentage varies depending on your daily income (in a row). In other words, if a user earns a certain amount every day, he automatically enters the loyalty program. Below you can find a table with exact numbers and figures.

    Example: a web makes $300 daily 4 days in a row. Consequently, he has successfully managed to achieve the necessary minimum to gain 1% of his turnover.

    How do you count my bonus payout?

    Let’s have a look at a more general example. Imagine that you work with two different offers and in the table below there are provided your results for the last month:

    Based on the information above, we count your income per month:

    The income base for each offer = [Confirmed leads and orders] + [number of holds] × [average approve] × [average income].

    Bonus payout base = the sum of all bases for offers to which a web drives traffic.

    Bonus payout = [Bonus percentage] × [bonus payout base].

    Let’s count the bonus payout rate for our example:

    (100 leads*$10)+(100 holds*$10*15/100)+(150 leads*$15)+(100 holds*$15*40/100)=$4000.

    And  the bonus payout taking into account that you have reached an obligatory daily income of $400 during 5 days:

    Bonus payout = 2%*$4000 = $80.

    At the end of the month, your total payout will be $4080


    Why there can be a different sum visible in the system?

    The final sum changes when your final statistics changes. It follows that while orders and leads in the hold are processed and change their statuses, the user’s income per day will change: now, for example, it is $1000, in an hour it will be $1010, in another hour – the third amount.

    Where I can check my current status in the AdCombo Loyalty Program?

    When you enter your AdCombo account, on the Dashboard there is a special ‘Loyalty’ tab. Here it is:

    There you can see the volume of your bonuses and specifically for what and when they were charged:

    How do you calculate my bonuses?

    Every day we calculate your statistics for the past 24 hrs. The calculation is carried out upon the information on leads and orders for the past day created from 00:00 to 23:59:59 UTC.

    When I receive my bonuses?

    The final calculating process starts at the end of the last day of the month and covers all the figures you got during the month. 

    Wish you skyrocketing profits and extra high approval rate!

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