• Extremely detailed case study. Profit $7355

    This case study has everything you need: from the analysis of the choice of GEO to the description of certain valuable ideas and approaches. For a long time, AdCombo hasn’t had any new case studies. And now, out of the blue, we received this one! Even if this creative pair is no longer profitable, we still recommend that you look at the author’s ideas and put them into practice. It is worth reading!

    “While looking for the new offer to run, I came across screenshots of the MegaPush traffic department who had run traffic to Crypto offers in T1 countries. Those screenshots encouraged me to try out this vertical. I didn’t want to compete, so I decided to test different GEOs. I will describe down below how it turned out. 

    Affiliate network: AdCombo

    Source: Megapush

    Offer: Crypto Genius LATAM и Weed Millionaire ($289 for a deposit from $200)

    GEO: LATAM ( Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala)

    Time of running: 01.11.2018 – 31.03.2019

    Expenditure: $4 920

    Revenue: $12 275

    Profit: $7 355

    ROI: 149%

    GEO and Offer choice 

    With the vertical chosen, it took me long enough to make up my mind on what affiliate network and GEO to pick for this offer. And so my choice fell on AdCombo. Although it is not quite their type, I’ve had a positive experience of working with them previously. Next, with the help of my favorite AM, I’ve chosen two offers on the same GEO.

    GEOs were selected according to the traffic prices and deposit rates. I avoided “expensive” countries since there was already high competition and relatively high rates, which could result in very expensive tests. These GEOs (with payment of $297 for each) eventually turned out to be the cheapest. All countries (except Spain) had CPC less than 0.5 cents.

    It was estimated that out of 150 000 clicks at least 1 converted lead would pay off the cost. I’m used to working on COD and paying two CPL within an advertising campaign test. But running offers with a high rate is kinda risky.

    I ran both offers for all 9 countries, 4 campaigns on each.

    There was a lot of low-cost traffic with an average bid. I bought only mobile traffic from the general MegaPush feed because testing and sorting others seemed rather expensive. CPC ranged from 0.12 to 0.82 cents. There were more than 200 running campaigns for all time.

    There was a problem right away: the statistics showed no sign-ups (only deposits). But the AM daily informed about old sign-ups in each GEO. And further, they were added to the affiliate network’s statistics. I’m very grateful to her for cutting the hold (30 days initially). The first deposit fell out of $100 spent.

    Then I was in a better mood to create 4 more campaigns for each country. And whenever there was at least some statistics on sign-ups or deposits, I turned off ads for Spain and all ads on the Weed Millionaire offer. And the rest of the time I was running traffic to Crypto Genius LATAM for 8 countries and launched desktop ads for these 8 countries.

    The bid was insignificantly raised. I didn’t turn off campaigns that brought no leads, because none of them could bring at least one lead.

    I rerun ads multiple times every week, changing creatives but it didn’t work.

    Creative materials

    The task was greatly simplified by the fact that Spanish is the main language for these GEOs. There have been about 50 creatives, from “clumsily” made to the images from the search engine.

    Let me show you the most popular ones.

    A friend of mine who has a good command of Spanish did the translation. The emphasis was placed on poverty and the ability to get rich quick, promising different amounts of money for the first day of work. Also, some campaigns were about routine work, debts, the desire to have a high quality of life and that cryptocurrency is the fastest way to get rich, which is known only to the “elite”.


    Screenshot from MegaPush

    Unfortunately, stats for Colombia has only a few leads on another offer for $114, so we don’t take that into account and $100 spent as well. 

    Mexico had a leading income of $5253. $2524 spent. Profit: 2729$. ROI 108%. A total of 18 dep-s. Next screen has campaigns with deposits.

    Colombia, my favourite, had a decent volume with a high ROI. Income: $2628. Spent: $492. Profit: $2136. ROI 434%. A total of 9 deposits.

    Ecuador – great ROI – 682%, good income ($1785) with minimum expenses ($228). Profit: $1557. A total of 6 deposits.

    Peru had rather a humble result, but it’s still money. Income: $1156. Spent: $751. Profit: $405. ROI 54%. 4 deposits.

    Argentina showed one of the worst results. Income $578. Spent: $420. Profit $158. ROI 37%. 2 deposits.

    Next, El Salvador ($254, ROI 590%), Guatemala ($190, ROI 191%), Spain ($96, ROI 49%), which had 1 deposit, and Chile – the only GEO that brought no money and made no profit (-$164).

    RESULTS for all GEOs:

    Profit: $7 355,

    Expenses: $4 920,

    Income: $12 275,

    ROI: 149%.

    An average conversion per sign-up was 0.5 (200 clicks – 1 sign-up), sign-up into deposit conversion was 1 (100 sign-ups – 1 deposit). Total conversion was 0.005 (20 000 clicks – 1 deposit).

    Due to increased competition, the offer stopped. The number of campaigns and the bid for almost all GEOs increased. I didn’t wait any longer and has already begun to work with other offers. Now the competition decreased. Maybe, if you find a new offer, some of the countries will be able to bring $$$. It is also possible to check these GEOs, if you enable feeds.

    I’d like to add that instead of doubts it’s better to run some tests. For so long I haven’t believed that in 3-tiers countries could be $200 deposited. But I was surprised by such a result, so it is a long-lasting creative pair from which you can benefit.”



  • Konstantin 01.08.19 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks a lot for this case!

  • Dmitry 03.08.19 at 12:25 am

    Maybe the Latin American gangs killed someone to make deposits.

  • Patrick 03.08.19 at 6:49 am

    I struggle with COD offers right now, I wonder how big boys who make XX,XXX daily handle their campaings smile

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    How i can get landing page
    And what about of i used dirrect offer from adcombo

  • FELIPE 19.08.19 at 3:28 am

    Did you use Landing Pages for this offers?

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