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  • Interviews with AdCombo’s Top Affiliates. Emotions, Stories, and Bright Impressions from The Great Adventure Grand Finale!
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    In the middle of this March, The Great Adventure challenge came to its roaring and the long-awaited finale!

    It was unreal! A storm of emotions – from joy to excitement and the lucky triumph! What a mind-blowing cocktail! 

    Now, when the wave of emotions got lower, we talked to Challenge’s finalists from the Top-5 and Top-50. We asked them to share their impressions of the Great AdVenture challenge. What was it like? What difficulties did they face? And the hottest part – the emotions from winning the incredible prizes. How did they feel when their teams were announced at the prize drawing? Affiliates talked about it and more in their short interviews!

    Enjoy reading and spending time in the company of our Top affs 😉

    Top-1 of The Great AdVenture Challenge – Arbombo

    You’ve been in the Top-5 of AdCombo for several years, but you haven’t been able to pick up the grand prize yet. Does it affect your attitude toward your work or the challenge? Is everything going on as usual? 

    We have been working with AdCombo for a long time. The main thing for us was to meet everyone who is engaged in the company’s development. And, of course, it was also important to get together with our colleagues from the niche! 

    In this challenge (and probably in the next ones), we were focused on the result – to take first place. All participants were worthy aff rivals, so the adventure brought us wild emotions and energy boost! The main thing for us is the way we have, not the goal 😉

    How did you feel when you heard that you didn’t win the major prize? Did this result demotivate you? Or otherwise, charged you up with motivation for winning in the next Challenge? 

    Our team never counts on luck, we get something only when we work.

    What are your plans for the future? If there’s a new Challenge, will you join it

    Do we have any choice? 😄 If we quit, other teams will be less motivated. We want to be useful to the niche. That’s it! 😉

    How would you rate AdCombo’s work?

    I can honestly say that you are Top-1 in the niche. We look up to you! AdCombo was founded on the same day as our team, but a year earlier. You are our big brother, and we want to follow your example. Deep thanks to the whole AdCombo team!

    Top-2 of The Great AdVenture challenge – RPT Team! 

    The guys became the winners of the Challenge. 
    They got the grand prize among the Top-5 – ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE IV

    You took the Grand Prize and became Top-2 in the Challenge. You were so close to the Top-1. Why didn’t you succeed in it? With what mood do you plan to break into the next challenge (if any)? 

    Yakov’s answer: 

    Of course, we wanted to become Top-1, but we’ve never launched ad campaigns just for a challenge. If we make money – we drive traffic, the Challenge is just a nice bonus (to improve our ROI). 

    In my opinion, it’s stupid to spend 10 months launching campaigns with a small ROI, but with great hope for good luck. That’s why the lack of profitable ad strategies prevented us from becoming Top-1.

    If there’s a new challenge, we’ll definitely be a part of it! AdCombo parties give real motivation for success!

    Leo’s answer: 

    Yeah, we just lacked some points (Golden Keys) to get into the Top-1. Then it would be entirely “right” to win the car 😀

    There weren’t any obstacles in our way. We just launched campaigns for the offers that had a fine performance in AdCombo. We never run traffic just to participate in a challenge. Our goal is to make money now and in the future. 

    As for the new challenge (if any), we’re going to prove and show everyone that if you really work hard, and you’ve been Top-2 for two years, it’s time to become Top-1! 😀

    You haven’t participated in the challenge for the first time. Have the new challenge mechanics (like bonus points, Golden Keys, for regions) helped you?  

    Yakov’s answer: 

    To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Even without the new mechanics, we’d still be Top-2 yet with fewer Golden Keys. So my answer is yes, the new mechanics helped us.

    What emotions did you feel when you realized that you had won the grand prize? 

    Yakov’s answer:

    Wild delight! 

    I realized we had become winners when our team leader, Zhenya, and then the crowd jumped onto us! 

    I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I was short of breath! I almost fainted from the overabundance of endorphins 😀

    Top-4 of The Great AdVenture challenge – ZAVOD Team

    The guys won a major prize among the Top-50 – $70 000

    Did you set a goal to make it to the top position in the challenge at the beginning? 

    Not from the starting point. After all, the time period was quite long. It was unclear what the chances were: how the traffic source would perform, and changes to Facebook and offers (stops, bumps, rebranding, etc.). We got interested when we realized that we were moving up steadily. Probably at the 19th-16th place.

    Did the challenge atmosphere, adequate competition, and presence of race/struggle for the grand prize energize you? How did it affect your work? Is challenge a good motivator? 

    I remember how my team “squeezed” additional Golden Keys in some regions. The competition gave us 100% motivation. 

    We can’t say that we put all our efforts into the Challenge. We were also working with some other verticals , for which we couldn’t  find suitable alternatives in the network. But the challenge definitely took most of our time. 

    Almost until the end of the Challenge, we were Top-3. The gap between us and the guys in the Top-2 was huge, and also the Top-4 was quite far away from us. Probably because of that we became a little bit more relaxed and ended up in the Top-4 😊

    How did you feel when you heard your team’s name on the winning chip? When the host announced that if the hand of Fortuna picked you twice, you would be able to exchange money for the Aston Martin. Did you believe in such luck? 

    Shock at first, of course, then euphoria!

    At the moment they announced the winner, at least two people didn’t immediately realize what was going on. I [Nikita, team leader – editor’s note] just reached my seat, and we began to discuss the winning of the laptop. I didn’t hear what was drawn, so I didn’t understand why we were called to get the second prize. 

    There was the dialogue: 

    – Come on, we won!
    – We’ve won the laptop, we aren’t entitled to the second prize …
    – Yeah, it’s $70k!

    We had a good feeling about the prize draw. To be honest, we got a little sad that we weren’t lucky enough to win the Aston. Of course, $70,000 is a great prize! The part on the wheel of fortune and our odds weren’t great, but we were too enthusiastic! 

    When we were told that we would still participate in the grand prize drawing, we felt relieved – anyhow, $70 000 were ours. 😊

    As our teammate says, “Adrenaline in the blood. And a glass of Chardonnay in the hand.” – We were sure we would be lucky. And that our chances would be high…but we know that the guys, who won the grand prize, really deserve it! 😊

    Top-5 of The Great AdVenture challenge – TRON

    One of 2 teams that were in the Top-5

    The struggle for the Top-5 was very tough this year, especially during the last week. How did you manage to make the final push and get into the Top-5? What were 10 months of the Сhallenge like? What was easy and what was more difficult?

    All 10 months were quite easy for us. We were in the Top-3. It made us feel relaxed. In addition, as we got closer to the finale, we switched to remote work. 

    And then until the end, we had to pull ourselves together and work as a single organism. For the last 1.5 weeks, we worked without days off to get our position back 😊

    What was the moment when you found out that you were in the Top-5? What did you experience then? Was it a nice surprise, or did you expect that result? 

    It was very exciting! 

    We did a lot to narrow the gap between the Top-6 and Top-5, and even overtook them. However, the Top-5 also kept moving forward. At the end of the Challenge, the gap was minimal, everything depended on the hold leads and guaranteed payouts. We did everything and, holding our breath, we were just waiting for the results 😊

    Of course, we were so excited and after such a breakthrough, we were resting for five days non stop😄

    If there are new challenges, will you participate? Will you fight for the Top-1?

    Of course, we will! Last year we were 27th. We told our manager Katerina that we would get into the-Top 5, and we did it! 

    Now, we are planning to develop processes in our remote offices. We also want to pay more attention to internal trainings. I’m sure it will bring nice results later.

    Top-5 of The Great AdVenture Challenge – EMT Team

    The guys won one of the most expensive prizes in the prize draw – Rolex watch

    All the Top-5 participants had a serious race. What difficulties were you facing? What helped you to keep up the pace?  

    During the Challenge, we had some technical errors (on our side), as well as difficulty in approving the required conditions on the advertiser’s side. 

    We were slowing down at some moments, but then went up again.

    The Top-5 participants were determined in the last week. How did you survive the race? What were you thinking about? What helped you hold on to your position? 

    We did the main thing – we concentrated on our work as much as possible, trying not to be distracted by other tasks. And it worked. 

    What did you feel when you heard the name of your team on the lucky chip? 

    At that moment, we felt joy and understood that everything wasn’t in vain.

    Top-19 of The Great AdVenture Challenge – GIPSYLAND Team 

    The guys won the second Rolex watch

    What was your way in the Challenge? What were the hard things you would like to talk about? What was the easiest for you? 

    Our way through the Challenge?! It’s simple!

    When we found a profitable approach, then it was just a matter of a few things. Experience, good ad strategy, the best conditions, and then we were running a campaign as long as possible! 

    As for difficulties, only Facebook affected our work with its changes, but thanks to experience and expertise, we managed to maintain a stable traffic volume!

    What motivated you during the Challenge? What helped you? 

    We came to the CPA niche to make money. And our motivation is our appetite and desire to overstep personal boundaries! 

    Of course, the Challenge is a cool bonus of the partnership with AdCombo. Such reliable cooperation has been helping us for 5 years. In the future, we would like to expand our partnership with the AdCombo team! 

    You have a large media team, which won a very valuable prize. What were the emotions at the moment of awarding? How did you decide to share the prize? 

    In the first seconds, emotions aroused by the fact of winning and only then we felt excitement about the prize worth. 

    We weren’t planning a prize, but finally we had a nice Rolex! That’s awesome! What can we say?! We are proud of our team and work! 

    As for the prize, it’s extremely difficult to share it. That’s why now we have Rolex in our office just as a trophy 😊

    We thank all the teams for their detailed, interesting, and vivid stories and impressions! We hope that there will be even more such cool interviews!


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