• AdCombo recommends: Push notifications network

    Hello, advertisers! When was the last time you promoted offers through push notifications? Do not miss your chance to get more profit!

    You all know that push notifications are a universal source of traffic for any type of offers. Although, the price per click affects the quality of the target audience and ROI is high only in the first 3-4 days after the campaign launch, yet pushes are at low cost and have very high visibility. In fact, the traffic is rather clean and you don’t need to spend too much money on filtering sites.

    Now, we recommend running your traffic through Push.adnow traffic source. The top features of this network are — focus on the user’s interests and the minimum CPC.  

    It is a Self-Service platform, which works on an auction: taking into account the quality of creatives. Similar ads are compared with each other and then the most effective of them is chosen (the one which bid is higher and which has a better creative).

    You sign up in your personal account and start creating your campaigns. The newsletter is adapted for both mobile and desktop versions, and the targeting is interest-based. Therefore, pushes have good conversions and a high CTR. 

    To learn more about Push.adnow, use these links:

    That’s it. Run traffic and may luck and profit be with you!

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