Naturally, we all tend to share our experiences with our friends, pals, and others. If you had the best burger in your life, you will tell it to your friends about that place so they can go and try it by themselves. That’s why referral system is awesomepeople intuitively understand how it works.
    We have always had a referral system for our webs but from now it becomes more useful and more profitable for those of you, who are really involved in it.

    As most affiliate networks, we paid 5% of the revenues of the invited participant to an affiliate and then this percent decreased whether invited publishers run traffic or not. Isn’t fair, right? Plus, there are lots of methods to cheat the system.
    Such conditions are unprofitable, both for networks and for webs who wasting time and energy for it. That’s why we decided to make our own system with bonuses and rate hikes! Especially for coaches 😉

    So, let’s see what’s new:

    1. The system takes effect on February, 20;
    2. It doesn’t respect any previous achievements;
    3. We take into account bonuses only for the last six months. If you don’t reach any limit in the past six months, you don’t get any bonus;
    4. To confirm your intention to involve new webs in AdCombo, contact your affiliate manager;
    5. As it was before, those webs who help AdCombo in any way (courses, study cases or whatever) get 5% of the revenues. But now they have special limits and when it’s reached, they get some bonuses:
    • If your referrals make $50.000 – you get $1000;
    • If your referrals make $100.000 – you get $ с2000;
    • If your referrals make $200.000 – you get $4000.
    1. Private landers. We will create special landers (or prelanders) for a coach on request;
    1. All of your referrals and participants go to one affiliate manager and it makes your work and work of your invited webs much easier;
    1. More for our coaches – AdCombo will promote your courses with our own resources!
    1. You can make already activated accounts as your referral by mutual consent. Contact your affiliate manager to try it;
    1. Note that If a coacher doesn’t use his account for a couple of months, his rate goes down to just 1%.


    Seems like there are more and more reasons to get involved, yeah? But we understand that there are lots of risks for us to be cheated. So we made certain rules that MUST be met:

    1. Don’t even try to make fake accounts. Really. Just that – you get banned;
    2. Cookie-stuffing is prohibited. If we catch – you get banned. 
    3. Of course, you are not allowed to make a referral from yourself.
    4. We also do not accept brand bidding. It means that you are prohibited to run traffic using the ‘AdCombo’ brand name, other brand keywords and their derivatives.  In case you are caught with brand bidding, you will be banned immediately without any excuses.

    So, our updated and improved referral system is really useful and profitable for coaches, influencers, top webs and all those who are interested in making their own courses. You can get up to $7000 for your efforts, isn’t that cool? Absolutely is.

    So go ahead and join us – let’s make AdCombo great again!


  • Yosjany Roig 21.02.18 at 5:31 pm

    Great, I promote Adcombo for the Hispanic market, and I know that every referral you send will be in good hands. Adcombo always surprises us with good news, forward friends, a greeting from Venezuela.

  • Aliakbar 26.02.18 at 7:25 pm

    WOW, nice changes to the Existing Ref program,
    Affiliate Two tier referral program is very important in every network, It is great way to scale extra revenues by inviting industry friends, or sharing banner and links on their own Affiliate Marketing Blog..

  • Bobby 28.12.18 at 10:24 am

    This is something really sounds great! Thanks for sharing this informative post. AS it is very interesting and i must say i would love to join this program.. Keep up the great job!

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