Dear publishers, we have new top mobile offers for you.
    Here we go! Casino does very well with certain types of traffic – Facebook, Native and Email. You can also try pops/redirect traffic, but pre-lander approvals are a MUST!
    The ID of TOP Weekend Casino Offer is 8966. Please, note that casino advertisers are always looking for DEPOSITS, so these offers are built for long-term stability. However, payout can be bumped as high as 100%+ if you send quality traffic, so again – focus on quality, please. This offer already contains pre-approved creatives, both banners and video!Next, everyone knows Ireland is a hot market for Sweeps on PIN atm, but these 4 offers are super HOT, especially on FB and Google! So, we got hot offers for you in this geo, and their IDs are 8909, 7606,7606, 7044. Payouts start from $10, if you have quality traffic – ask your AM for a bump!
    Look through our top mobile offers below and choose special one for you.

    Good luck!

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