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  • On the 10th of June our precious Ferrari California found its owner!
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    So, guys, you must be very interested in every detail of how our contest FERRARI_ADCHALLENGE has ended.

    The end of this activity was absolutely amazing – a private luxurious Weekend party on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in a 5-star All-inclusive resort and this event became known all over affiliate marketing world.

    It was the last stage of our traffic race when TOP 50 super affiliates gathered together face to face to win the grand prize – Ferrari California. And the winner was decided randomly with the help of a lottery drum.

    As for the location of the party, we wanted to find such a place where our TOP 50 affiliates can feel like in heaven with a good service and entertainment – our main priority is to treat our affiliates as our family members. For this reason, we have booked an absolutely fabulous hotel in Antalya with golden beaches and azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Ferrari Party allowed nobody to stay indifferent and such well-known people in affiliate marketing world as Ian Fernando, iAmAttila and FBQueen were also a part of our grand event. It was very pleasing to meeting you, guys!

    Apart from Ferrari, there were so many other prizes such as iPhones 7, Macbooks, Rolex Submariner. All the prizes, as well as Ferrari, were given away with the help of a lottery drum. All the tickets were exchanged for chips with the usernames of affiliates in AdCombo system on them which in turn were put into the lottery drum. Chips were taken out of the drum by random people – the one who won the previous prize took out the chip with the username of the following winner of this or that prize.

    Do you want to know at last who is the winner of Ferrari California? Won’t you be jealous? Ok, it is high time to congratulate officially the winner of the biggest affiliate marketing contest of all time! Please, welcome Swipe team!

    It is not a lonely affiliate. It a super cool affiliate squad currently living in Thailand. These guys are absolutely awesome since they got into the TOP 50 in the space of a month absolutely unexpectedly. None could believe that for such a short period of time they would be able to gain enough tickets to take part in the final giveaway. But! As we all know, fortune favours the brave! And Swipe team is immediate evidence. Their chips were in the lottery drum and 1 of them was taken out in a pudding time! With a subtle movement of the hand, Swipe Team became an owner of a beautiful Ferrari California. Congratulations!!!

    We would like to thank all the participants for your courage, for your persistence and for your loyalty. You are our heroes; you are true members of our team. We are proud of you! Together we will conquer the world! Just a big thank you to all of you!



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