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  • 2023 Case Study Contest begins
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    Got a cool case study? What if we pay for it? 

    ➡️ Think your case could change the affiliate world? Want to share it, but it’s too cool to share for free? We’re willing to pay for it! 

    ✅ Submit your case studies before 22 December

     We will review all submitted cases for eligibility and select the best!

    🏆 Requirements for case study contest 2023 🚀

    📅 Campaign start: not earlier than 1 January 2023.

    👥❗️Each participant is entitled to submit multiple cases, subject to the following conditions: the cases cover different verticals or traffic sources.

    📌Case Structure:

    1) Introduction 🌐

    • Opening: basic data, campaign period, offerer, GEO land/preland, source.

    2) Set up 🛠️

    • Choosing an offer: Why this particular offer and GEO was chosen. How the source was chosen.
    • Creative pairs (land/preland): Why certain bindings were chosen. Their testing, etc. Whether lend/preland was cleaned; if so, how and what changed.
    • Tracker: Selection and setup.
    • Technical nuances of preparation: Cloaking, domains, etc. How it was selected, practical advice to affiliates who will try to replicate the case.

    3) Campaign period 🎯

    • Testing of creatives/approaches/hypotheses. Results and reasons for choosing certain creatives.
    • Research of the target audience and conclusions on the target audience.
    • Examples of creatives with texts.

    4) Conclusion 📊

    • Traffic analysis, results and conclusions from your experience.
    • Tips for successful campaign

    🔍 If possible, provide screenshots from affiliate network, traffic source and tracker in English.

    📈Factors of case success and case evaluation:

    a) Campaign volume;

    b) Practical value: Description of methods, approaches, technologies and their relevance (if the creative pair is dead, no one can repeat it);

    c) Completeness of the case: Description of all steps taken without hiding facts that may complicate or facilitate the campaign.

    Winners will receive: 




    There may be multiple 2nd and 3rd place winners 😉 so feel free to submit multiple cases 🤞

    Maybe it’s your case study that can shake up the industry? Send it to your manager, let’s check it out! 😎


  • Md. Munnaf Miah 22.11.23 at 7:54 pm

    It is very beautyful work

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  • samiul islam 23.11.23 at 3:44 am

    Why the particular binding was chosen. their examination, etc. container/preland cleaned; If so, how and what to change.
    Tracker: Selection and Setup.
    Kabir’s technical finesse: cloaking, domain etc. It was selected using, the practical advice of affiliates whose case will try to replicate.

  • Md. Fahad Hasan 23.11.23 at 4:54 am

    Very good

  • Arif Mia 23.11.23 at 5:56 am


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    This is wonderful and awesome sites of all.

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