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    It’s been a while since we had something big to announce. How have you all been? 

    As for us, we haven’t been wasting our time and now we are proudly rolling out our new offer – Cyto Forte. This offer is already available in a number of European GEOs:

    21157 Cyto Forte – CZ

    21156 Cyto Forte – FR

    21155 Cyto Forte – IT

    21154 Cyto Forte – RO

    21153 Cyto Forte – PT

    21152 Cyto Forte – ES

    21151 Cyto Forte – SK

    21150 Cyto Forte – BG

    21147 Cyto Forte – PL

    21144 Cyto Forte – CY, GR

    21143 Cyto Forte – DE, AT

    21142 Cyto Forte – HU

    Basically Cyto Forte is a product that can cure cystitis and other Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) almost in no time. The information on the landing pages claims that only two pills a day will make your cystitis go away in 30 days. By the way, each available GEO has one landing pages and two prelanders. This is not much, but there will be more landing pages added soon. 

    When it comes to the offer itself, we can see that the market here is really promising. Here is a quick fact.

    Urinary Tract Infections (cystitis) are one of the most frequent clinical bacterial infections that women can have, accounting for nearly 25% of all infections. According to statistics 50–60% of women will develop UTIs in their lifetimes.

    How does it sound? Pretty damn cool, considering that every European country has a slight preponderance towards females. But I should say that although cystitis is more common among women, both men and women are at risk for this condition. So for those of you who like to risk, you can try targeting males. 

    But what’s up with creative materials? 

    The best way to come up with creative materials is to google symptoms. Because symptoms are usually broad and everyone can relate them to oneself. For example,

    – Frequent urge to urinate 

    – Strong-smelling urine

    – Cramping in your abdomen or back

    Don’t hesitate here, usually the uglier creative you have, the more clicks you’ll get. The purchase funnel should work engaging as many users as possible to click on your teaser and follow through to the landing page.

    Go on, because you know that the ones who try the new offers first have more chances to have a good profit!

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