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  • 6 reasons why newbies choose AdCombo
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    Everybody starts something at the first time: first exams, first job, first try to succeed in affiliate marketing.  And every newbie has started his own long way as a publisher. But there is one feeling that consolidates all the pioneers  –  a fear of uncertainty.  A lack of experience creates the fear of failure. Newbies in affiliate marketing  have felt this on their own skin.

    But first of all, we need to define who a newbie is. A newbie –is a person who just started his/her way in affiliate marketing, but he/she has already known what internet traffic is, where to get it and how to route it well. He/she may use his/her own web sources of traffic or any other sources, it doesn’t matter.  All the others who have just heard the phrase “internet traffic” for the first time in their life still need to grow to the newbie level.

    Let’s go back to our topic. As we’ve already mentioned before, for every newbie the big day comes when he makes a decision to monetize his knowledge about how to hunt on internet traffic with a good profit. And this is the time for the first step. More than one hundred newbies choose AdCombo every day. So let’s see why they do this.

    1.Experts recommend AdCombo.

    First of all,  newbies try to find more information about the best affiliate networks. That’s why they are looking for a good expert advice. And they find it on the affiliate marketing  forums. Also, almost at every forum, there is  a rating of the most popular affiliate networks. During the conversation with experts on these forums,  newbies start to compose a top-list of the best affiliate networks they would like to work with.  AdCombo has a good reputation among the affiliate marketing professional community. That’s the first reason why newbies trust AdCombo and choose it.

    2. Personal affiliate manager.

    After our newbie registers his AdCombo’s  account he gets a personal affiliate manager to help him work with the network. The affiliate manager does not provide only technical support but also helps the newbie working with offers. The publisher can ask how to choose the right offer, what kind of traffic is better for work in particular case etc.  The affiliate manager helps to find the best way to monetize traffic. After newbies’ account was approved the publisher and the affiliate manager become a one team which hunts on profit.  For newbies, this is important because they can understand rules of dealing with traffic in general but often don’t get the principle of working with specific geos and offers. And at this moment a super hero – affiliate manager, –  comes and saves the newbie.

    3.”Ready-to-work” localized landing pages.

    For experienced publishers creating landing pages can be easy because they’ve already know how it works or know a professional who can do this well. But at the same time, it could become a big problem for a newbie.  AdCombo solves this problem easily.  For every offer at the network, there are a ready-to-use localized landing pages and several pre-lands for making a good offer’s promotion.  Lands and pre-lands are already translated into regions’ languages. This tool is very useful and helps to start working very quickly. There is no need for a newbie to spend a lot of time learning how a landing page should be composed for a good sale, and there is no need to find a translator to make a good selling text for it. AdCombo economizes newbie’s time and cash. All he needs to do is just to sign up, choose one of the best offers with a prepared landing page and bring good quality traffic on it.

    4.New unique GEOs with low competition.

    For a newbie with a humble budget, it is hard to compete with experienced publishers in a popular geo. Firstly, a price for one click or 1k shows in these regions is too high for beginners. Secondly, even the newbie tries to get traffic there the result is not always so good as was expected. AdCombo has solved this problem too. The affiliate network offers exclusive new geos with low competition. The price of traffic in these geos is x2, x5 or even x10 times lower than in US or UK, for example. That’s why newbies have a good chance to get not only a good experience but a good profit there as well.

    5.A wide range of niches for newbies specialized on different traffic sources.

    Newbies come to affiliate marketing from different fields. It is a rare case to find an almighty person who knows how to work with all types of internet traffic. Usually, publishers specialize on two-three types of it. That’s why it is important for the newbie to find offers which will accept the type of traffic he knows how to get. AdCombo gives to its publishers a lot of different offers’ niches that allows beginners to feel more confident to start. This is the 5th reason why newbies choose AdCombo.Payments twice a week. Quick reinvestment to the new ad

    6.Payments twice a week. Quick reinvestment to the new ad campaigns.

    The last but not least argument for choosing AdCombo network is money. To be a more specific – high and regular payouts.  Publishers can get their payouts twice a week. And this is a unique offer from AdCombo.  It’s not only about comfort terms of work but it is the opportunity to reinvest publisher’s budget quickly. It’s not a secret that it is important for newbies to reinvest it ASAP because they try to speed up  the work process and earn much more in a short period of time. It  allows publishers to use their money more effectively. And this is the 6th reason why they choose AdCombo.

    We have just briefly looked through 6 reasons why newbies choose AdCombo. And these are not all of them. If you want to know more about AdCombo’s advantages ask our affiliate manager about it, don’t be shy! Choose AdCombo.



  • Temilola Waliu 07.05.19 at 7:10 pm

    This are fantastic reason to use Adcombo. the personal manager made it more interesting..

    • Farzana Akter 06.02.24 at 7:16 am

      This are fantastic reason to use adcombo.the personal manager made it more interesting….

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