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  • AdWords case study with 1000% ROI. Titan Gel.
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    Hello, colleagues!

    Today we are going to share with you a truly bombing case study composed by an absolutely crazy Russian publisher who is making huge money with 1000% ROI from AdWords!

    His name is Aynur Talgaev, he is considered to be a real AdWords ninja! This guy is very popular in Russia in fact.

    The case he shared with us demonstrates that in many countries there is no competition at all, one can be making REALLY BIG money and get 1000% ROI.

    Mastership of a traffic source is very important for webmaster’s establishment as a good specialist.

    Let us go now.

    The product itself is well-known to many of you: Titan Gel
    Region: Romania
    Platform: AdWords Google
    Time period: 30 days (July)
    Expenses for traffic buying: $110

    All the screenshots are made in Russian, as Aynur uses Russian interface of AdWords. Those of you, purchasing traffic from that platform will easily find out what is displayed there.

    Traffic was always bought with targeting using the only key phrase: titan gel.


    Real search queries, according to which ads were shown to users,are as follows:


    All the search quires for the offer, which are popular and can bring traffic from this or that region, can be discovered with the help of such services as Similar Web (pro-access needed) and SEMRush.


    Due to lack of competition in AdWords, a webmaster can purchase traffic only for one search query. In this case, there is no need to gather any other keywords into a targeting list. Moreover,if you want to show ads according to such keywords as “ointment, drug, medicine” and etc – there are difficulties related to ad’s moderation.


    Here is what the ad itself looks like:


    *Statistical data related to this ad is not shown in statistics since during the campaign tracker’s domain has been banned and all the statistics has disappeared. Nevertheless, total statistics was saved in the interface.


    Here is in what way traffic has been distributed according to the type of devices:


    The amount of leads and traffic in the interface differs from AdWords Statistics since the domain of tracking software was banned and domains have been changed several times. Nevertheless, the main point of leads’ distribution is clear. You can use this information for your work if you decide to send traffic to Romania with the help of AdWords. It will work everywhere for any type of Collect-on-Delivery product.

    Ad’s position is also very important. The conversion will always be better, if your ad is at the first position, except for rare cases. Here is tracker’s analysis:




    As it can be seen at the screenshot, that it is always better to pay more and place the ad at the first position than trying to save on click’s cost and place ads at other positions. This hint can be used for any type of physical goods in AdWords.


    As for the accounts:

    By trial and error, after numerous experiments and accounts’ bans,it was found out that it is safe to replenish the accounts with $12. Accounts with big sums are banned immediately. They work well with a little money.


    Now, let us see the screen shots from AdCombo:



    During the whole month, there were 168 leads in total. Although, consequently, 50% was rejected. Still, it was rather adequate. Bearing in mind the expenses for traffic this case study really rocks!


    The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: how to write in Romanian?

    There is a special service in AdCombo with the help of which you can translate the creative into the needed language. In the end, texts are comprehensible and relevant to local people. It is very convenient, isn’t it?



     One short and simple case study conveys nothing, but a professional webmaster definitely will see a potential. And this was only about Romania. Whereas there are MANY other different regions to try.

    Last advice: stop reading various case studies, folks. Start sending traffic, getting leads and earning real money. Do not be afraid of losing it in the beginning.

    Thanks to Aynur Talgaev for this cool case study.


    Use it wisely.


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