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  • AdCombo’s Challenges Winners. Enthusiasm Community: Team Progress, Belief in Success and Winning of Tesla Model 3
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    We keep on sharing the stories of AdCombo’s challenges winners from previous years. Today we have Enthusiasm Community – the Top 3 in TeslaVision.

    The guys didn’t set their sights on winning. But they were confident that they would certainly go to the Party, participate in the prize drawing, and make one of the Teslas theirs! Efforts, moving forward and a bit of luck make their expectations come true.

    After the drawing of the Tesla Model X, did you hope that Tesla Model 3 would definitely be yours? What was your first thought when your chip is pulled out?

    In your opinion, why did you get into the Top and come to the Party? What did you like and remember about Dubai, the pre-Party and the Party, besides the moments of your win?

    There was always the hope that one of the Teslas would be ours. Moreover, the chances were high, because the Top-3 is a pretty high score.

    Honestly, I don’t really remember the moment of the win. The only thing I recall for sure is that I was very excited. My girlfriend said that she had never seen me so emotional.

    At that point, it was more important for us to realize that we had won than to receive a prize. Even if you’re going without expecting to win anything, there, you get chills running over the body from the exciting atmosphere, and the hands begin to tremble a bit.

    In fact, it wasn’t hard for us to get to the top. We’ve had a long time working with AdCombo, so we just worked like we always did.

    I remember sparkles at the pre-Party, nice music, atmosphere, new acquaintances, the hotel, which later became one of my favorites, and, of course, the emotions we felt.

    Tell us about your team. How and when did you get into the niche, and how did it all start? When and why did the idea to create a team come about?

    The team is relatively new and not very public – there are more than 40 media buyers on it. Our main and biggest source is Facebook. We are also actively developing skills and recruiting people for Google, Native ads, and TikTok. We work with Nutra only. Initially, there was no goal to build a team. People just came along with those who were interested in working as assistants. Later on, they grew and became team leads and the foundation of the team.

    We have been working since 2019 as a team, and I have been in affiliate marketing since 2015. I don’t remember exactly how I got in, but the story is fairly ordinary: through forums and groups.

    When you heard about the TeslaVision challenge, had you already had a plan of how to get to the top? Did you test anything new (GEOs, sources, offers) during the Challenge? Were you sure that you were going to attend the party… and maybe even drive away in a brand-new Tesla?

    We just did our job and at the same time hit the top, so we didn’t need to brainstorm ideas to reach the top. I told the team that there was a challenge; they could run traffic if they wanted. Who would make the biggest volume, would go to the drawing for free. We will split the winning based on each affiliate’s results.

    We were sure we’d attend the Party. As for the Tesla, we didn’t get our hopes up, we relied on our luck.

    Was it hard to remain in the Top? When did you realize that you would definitely be in the Top-50? What was the biggest difficulty you faced during your participation in the challenge?

    It depends on what top you’re meaning. Remaining in the Top-3 wasn’t easy. For a while, we were in 2nd place, but we could not hold the position at the end. It was easy for us to get into the Top-50, as we had been making good and steady traffic volumes in AdCombo for a long time.

    We didn’t have any trouble during the Challenge. Except Facebook storms, but they’re so trite; thus I don’t see any point in talking about them. On the whole, all our processes are set up, the team is motivated, and we’re constantly improving without focusing on one particular thing.

    Are you ready to enter a new challenge? How do you see it, what do you expect? What kind of final party would you like and where? What place do you expect to be this time?

    Just like before, our traffic is running, which means we’ve automatically joined the race. Recently I announced a new challenge to the team. Time will show how it will affect the results. We do not set ambitious goals.

    We don’t have either expectations or preferences regarding the next party, but AdCombo can surprise with its events, and I think this time won’t be an exception.

    What advice would you like to give to affiliates who are entering the AdCombo challenge for the first time? What today’s you would say to yourselves who were just starting the way? What would it have influenced?

    As a person who has had 6 cars passed by in affiliate contests, I can advise you not to get upset about failure. It sounds very simple, but I often see the despair in the eyes of our media buyers when their expectations of a high position in the contest ranking are shattered. I clearly note this when they are present at the prize drawing. Remember that draws are all about randomness. One’s win depends on the number of attempts and luck.

    My recommendation for ourselves at the beginning is to start as early as possible, since then it can be even more difficult. The rest will come with experience. Advice without a practical foundation is quickly forgotten and not always usable.

    Fortune’s favor is really a fluke. But the striving for excellence, ambitious plans, and the desire to try new things, not stopping at what has been achieved, can bring you closer to success and impress Fortune.

    More stories are to come soon!

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