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  • AdCombo’s Challenges Winners. Vladimir’s Posh’n’Porsche Experience and Unexpected Win of Porsche 718 Boxster S
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    Hi, guys!

    For several years, AdCombo has been running grand challenges, raffling lavish prizes, helping partners earn more, and encouraging the growth of the industry. 

    Every challenge is more than just an image: labor, will, time and people are usually behind it. The whole team and, of course, the participants with their own stories.

    Standing at the doorstep of new stories, we’d like to recall memories of the winners of past challenges. The ones who strove to win and were finally rewarded by Fortune. 

    We’ve asked them the most curious questions about their challenge experience.

    Greet the first champion of our interviews – Vladimir, who didn’t know luck was on his side!

    Unfortunately, you couldn’t attend the Posh’n’Porsche Party. How and when did you find out that you had won the new Porsche? After realizing your win, what thoughts did you have?

    That evening, I was extraordinarily happy. I was having fun all evening, so I even forgot to watch the live stream of the Party. I never imagined I could win the second major prize. I was very surprised yet delighted, when my manager Una contacted me and said that I had become the second winner! 

    The Challenge was held during a difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemiс. Did it cause any difficulties? How did you decide to proceed? Did you try new GEOs or offers, or opt for a tested strategy? Did you wish to get into the Top-50, to the Party and win a major prize?

    Yes, the situation around Covid-19 was the main reason I didn’t attend the Party. I have been sticking to a proven strategy for four years. I test new offers and GEOs from time to time. The prizes weren’t my primary motivation. I just worked as well as I could and one day I was invited to the Porsche Party. I should say that it was fascinating for me to see my progress in the rating of participants, but still I didn’t think about prizes. I believe that great things should be fought for.

    What enabled you to make it to the top of the Posh`n`Porsche Challenge? Were you in the top ranking of the next challenge – TeslaVision? Won anything else?

    I think I won the prize, since I didn’t even think about it. I just did what I did and tried to do it in the best way I could. By the end of the Challenge, my team reached 23rd place in the rating. When I was a child, Michael Jordan, a basketball player, was my idol. Maybe that number brought me luck 🙂 Unfortunately, my team and I weren’t among the TOP 50 participants of TeslaVision. We were working the same way as before, but some new affiliates performed better than we.

    Were there moments when it was clear that you could definitely enter the Top-50 of the Challenge? Or maybe there was time of doubts? Why? Please tell us a little about your team. In last year’s interview, you said that you had small volumes, yet had managed to get into the TOP 50 rating.

    It was obvious to me that we would be among the Top- 50 soon after the beginning of the Challenge. We were in a lower place, but as time went by, we rose to the top. The same situation was with TeslaVision, but working hard wasn’t enough that time. I’m the team lead in my aff team that comprises 3 other members who help me. Also, we use a few tools that also make my work a lot easier. And I’m the owner of a native advertising platform for the Balkans.

    In the same interview, you said that you had been doing affiliate marketing for 3-4 years and had 10 years of experience in internet marketing in general. At what point did you decide that affiliate marketing was a perfect fit for you, and you needed to stay in that niche? What did you start with and when you were ready to give it a try?

    I have been in the IT field since 2009. I spent three years looking for a job I would like. In 2012, I decided to start building web portals. Back then, I had a plan to launch an ad network. I didn’t want to do it in haste. My plan was to build enough portals first, and then establish the ad network. In 2018, I launched the long-planned ad network. It was not easy to find advertisers, so I decided to promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing was my perfect choice. I had earned a little with affiliate marketing before going deeper into the niche with AdCombo.

    You have mentioned your own native advertising platform. Did you test new sources during the Challenge? If so, what sources? Or did you focus only on native advertising?

    I only use native advertising from my network. I try to be focused on one thing. I’ve had a problem with focus before, so I’m aware of how important it is to stick to one thing for success.

    What do you want to say to affiliates who will enter new challenges by AdCombo for the first time?

    My advice to them is to set their goals first. Then start working actively to reach them. Don’t worry about the results, success will come sooner or later. It is significant that they remain consistent. If a problem arises, cope with it without losing sight of the goal.

    That was Vladimir’s way of getting into the Hall of AdCombo’s Winners. Follow his pieces of advice: focus on your goals and just do your best to, foremost, notice your own progress in affiliate marketing. Fortune rewards those who always move forward. 

    We’ll keep on posting neat stories of our Top affiliates. Don’t miss out on the next one!

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