• 24.8.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 信息阅读模型 用户浏览的网站越多,就会更清晰地展现出某些感知模式和同内容交互的模式。大脑会采取信息加工策略以简化工作——这些策略在不同人身上会有共同点。最典型的感知模式有F模式、Z模式,还有古腾堡模式。

  • 15.8.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 引言 之前我们介绍了Facebook账户的信用评分系统由三部分组成:事实—联系—行为。

  • 08.8.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 最新最顶级的GIF最好在网友聚集的大型社区里寻找。不过遗憾的是,中国封禁了9GAG等提供类似服务的大型网站。 通过以下服务可以更轻松地找到适合您的广告素材:

  • 06.8.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 大家好, AdCombo学院视频系列中的第二个视频已经准备就绪啦! 在本视频中,您将学习如何正式加入AdCombo以及AdCombo系统的主要功能。

  • 02.8.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 大家好!网盟营销人员经常会面临一个问题:一些网盟项目可能提供完全一样的offer,但推广条件却大有不同。

  • 31.7.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 显然,为了在流量货币化方面取得成功,AFF人需要准确定位目标受众。AFF人对受众的定位越准确,转化率就越好,总利润也就越大。事情就是这么简单。但是!定义目标受众与向目标受众发送流量的过程是完全不同的。

  • 24.7.2019

    Reading Time: < 1 minute 我们所有人毫无例外地破坏的第一条Facebook规则说: “一个人在Facebook上只能拥有一个账户。” 有时,有些账号可能不违反社交网络的政策或标准,但仍然会因为创建虚假个人资料被冻结。 平台冻结你的账号时本身永远不会直接指明您创建了第二个,第三个或第一百个个人资料。

  • 10.10.2018

    Reading Time: 3 minutes We are still ready to buy your case-study for a good price. And this case-study was sent to us by Jane. Let us give her the floor! CPA network: AdCombo Offer: Ecospray GEO: Lebanon Traffic Source: PropellerAds – Push Notifications Ad Spend: $387 Revenue: $1050 ROI: 171% Hello, case-study lovers. My name is Jane and…

  • 08.10.2018

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello there, We continue our column with bonuses and discounts from our partners. And today we have a 30% discount from our good friends in SpyOver. This handy tool can help you to see latest native advertising trends and to analyse which creatives your competitors are running. So, WHY SpyOver is the must-have tool? Trends….

  • 12.7.2018

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Today we are glad to present our next offer which was given a second life. An offer which was quite a success in Asia and now it is rolling out into the European market. Please welcome Money Amulet! Few words about this offer (product): As it is claimed on landing pages Money Amulets were created…