• 16.8.2016

    While working in Affiliate Marketing, sooner or later every affiliate faces the necessity of structuring and analyzing all the data he gets from his advertising campaigns. There is usually some statistics information you can get from the network you work with, but you can get more detailed and useful data by using special tracking software….

  • 26.7.2016

    It is obvious that in order to achieve success in traffic monetization an affiliate needs to reach the target audience precisely. The more exactly an affiliate reaches the audience, the better conversion rates are and the larger overall profit is. Everything is rather simple. But! Having defined the target audience is not the same as…

  • 22.7.2016

    Traffic monetization is a tempting business. It attracts more and more newbies. At the first stage of planning amateurs are full of enthusiasm, though when it comes to a registration in an affiliate network they become disappointed – most of the networks do not accept newbies. Why do affiliate managers refuse to accept amateur affiliates?…

  • 21.7.2016

    Affiliate marketing and traffic monetization are quite specific niches for doing business. There is no field-specific education or acknowledged books on the topic. You gain your experience on-the-go and you have to piece together all the needed information. In this connection, it is rather good idea to rely on more experienced marketer to share his…

  • 20.5.2016

    Affiliate marketing is obviously a breeding ground for various sorts of fraud. It may come out from any side – either the webmaster’s or the affiliate network’s (or even both). How should you deal with it?

  • 18.5.2016

    Eventually, every affiliate faces a choice: what payment service to choose to retrieve money from the account? In this article, we’ll compare the popular payment systems: PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney, along with more conventional Wire Transfer.

  • 17.5.2016

    Hello everyone. Affiliate marketers often face a problem: a few affiliate programs represent exactly the same offer with different promotion conditions. This can be a result of:

  • 17.5.2016

    Webmasters often ask us where they can get traffic sources for testing our offers. The problem is obvious: while there are thousands of traffic networks on the web, more that 80% of them are, well… bad.

  • 24.3.2016

    Greece (officially known as the Hellenic Republic) is a southeastern European country. Total population is about 11.2 million people, at least 6.2 million (57%) of which are active internet users. Average broadband internet access speed in Greece is close to that in UK, estimating at around 7.7 Mbps, and prices on it are getting cheaper…

  • 21.3.2016

    Take a look at Social Media Usage in Asia. This will be helpful for setting a campaign in SM.   Social Media Usage in Asia Create your own infographics