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  • FB Experts Talk About Newbie’s Way, Teamwork, and the Perfect Affiliate. Part 1.
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    We’re always glad when you share your experience, affiliate stories, tips, or even opinions on the niche. Recently, we’ve asked a few Facebook experts some questions and are ready to engage you in those pleasant conversations!

    How to scale up campaigns? How can newbies step into the niche in the most fitting way, and what will they encounter? How to improve your performance, and who can be a successful affiliate? Read the first part of our interview!

    About newbie’s beginning, and a new team

    I used to work within a team, but the results stopped pleasing me and I experienced burn-out, and I decided to leave. I regret it a little, but now I am building my own team of people who are already working in the niche or would like to start. I’ve already found several of my teammates, and now we are working together.

    You can survive in affiliate marketing if you know what to do. If you’re part of a team, it’s much easier to do that. Teammates can give you advice and highlight your mistakes.

    Also, it’s easier to work because the job is divided up among all the members.

    For newbies, I would recommend looking for a team. If beginners get their account banned, they can look for a way to solve the problem for a very long time, while being on the team, they can ask a more experienced colleague and have a solution much quicker. What’s more, account farming is easier, and more accounts are available when one is with a team. It’s more convenient. Besides, more experienced affiliates can recommend tested services and working methods to reduce the risk of being banned to a minimum.

    About work with Facebook

    We usually take a few farmed accounts. Here are some stats based on one of our Nutra campaigns: 10 accounts, a $5-$10 daily budget for each, and 250 leads total.

    Facebook is different for everyone: you can completely duplicate your colleague’s campaign step-by-step, but not get the same results. Somebody’s account will get banned at once and forever, someone else’s account will get unbanned after some time, and the third account may get approved, but won’t have the same success.

    Risk payment is another problem that we also faced: one of us adds a card, everything is ok, the second one’s account gets banned immediately, and the third one’s account gets banned after a while.

    About scaling up

    I consider working with TikTok as a scale-up option. This is a relatively new and popular platform. You can not only use it for scaling up, but also to test out creatives for Facebook. If you run a creative there that gets 1% CTR, upload it to Facebook, where it will give a better result. This happens because TikTok’s algorithms are much simpler than those on Facebook, where the audience reach is wider. If you have two campaigns running in two sources at the same time, you may get rather good results.

    I also create 5 ad sets with the same creatives and a range of TA, for example, women between the ages of 25 and 60. One ad set may drop out (get banned). And then I monitor the remaining 4 to find out which of them shows the best results, and which TA from the range performs best. When it’s done, I shut down all the other ad sets and double the most productive one without a change. Voila, the campaign is scaled up – you have two efficient and active ad sets that are expanding the reach of the most relevant audience.

    If a campaign has a low CPL, it can be scaled up by changing the creatives. You always need to change the creatives when relaunching it.

    About upgrading skills and quality-oriented work

    I know that I could have achieved more if I had focused on quantity, but that is not my way, I always focus on quality. That may have contributed somehow to my burnout. I know a girl who takes 5-years-old creatives and throws them in massively. When you upload a great number of creatives, Facebook picks up some and approves them.

    I have a different attitude: I don’t have many launches, but I’m very thorough in my approach to making creatives. I’ve mastered a video editing program to make creatives. I create before/after videos of varicose veins, in which they smoothly disappear in the next frame – an imitation of the effect of a product. By the way, before/after photos are prohibited by Facebook’s advertising policy, but it’s not obvious in the video. So, the video gets approved, and the effect it has is the same as by using the before/after photos.

    When I was on the team, the courses were paid for me. But I believe, the most surefire way to improve skills is to test more to find out what works best for you. When you get the knack, it becomes clear what’s more effective – that’s what growth is about. Test any idea you have, maybe you’ll find your own successful formula. I prefer to minimize using services and do most of my work manually.

    3 key characteristics of a good affiliate

    Diligence. If we’re talking about working solo, there’s a lot to do to get started: create an account, farm it for a couple of weeks, or even better – a few accounts, as reserves; prepare creatives, set up a campaign…

    Enthusiasm. You need to have a fire burning in your eyes, and a desire to continue on your affiliate path, no matter what.

    Burn-out resistance. You shouldn’t get to the point where you can burn out. It’s exciting to see your first earnings, and growth in stats, but when you come to the downside, you need to handle your state promptly. I feel that quite well now.

    About newbies starting affiliate marketing

    I think to get started in affiliate marketing and go through the full affiliate process, the beginner has to spend $5000-$7000. To run ads, earn money, study media buying, and decide whether it’s the right choice or not.

    For a beginner, for one person, working alone is very hard regarding budget, workload, expenses, technical issues, and skills. In that case, to survive in the niche, one needs a helping hand like either mentoring or a team. Otherwise, there is a chance to get stuck in affiliate forums with many help-me-help-me messages.

    You can find a lot of information on the web about affiliate marketing, but it is not well-structured. So, new affiliates have two ways: the first is to search for information on their own and to study as many articles available in public as possible; the second is to try to join a team.

    There are no middle affiliates: they can be newbies until they succeed in something, and then there is the most common option to strengthen the team with expertise – they join a team, an agency, or an affiliate network.

    So joining a team is not just the most convenient way, but also quite fast. If there is no way to find a team, there is one more option available – to read affiliate articles, blogs, portals, forums, etc.

    I recommend newbies pay attention not only to Facebook but to TikTok Ads as well. They can launch a campaign there via a link or livestreaming.

    About casino livestreaming on TikTok

    Everything that currently appears on TikTok already exists on YouTube. All new TikTok content is borrowed ideas from YouTube and that is rerun on TikTok. And TikTok streaming as a kind of popular source of casino monetization traffic was already a long time ago on YouTube.

    To do that, you gotta be good at it. You have to be thoroughly immersed in the subject to be able to do it. How to stream, how to behave while streaming, what is allowed and what is not. And you have to keep in mind that casinos are forbidden on TikTok. So it’s a banned activity, with a lot of accounts, and a lot of subscribers too, since you need 1,000 subscribers to start a live stream.

    Here is a bypass option: create an account, get some subscribers, then create a ticket saying that it is impossible to start a live and send the ticket to a moderator, without specifying the number of subscribers. The moderator gives access, and the live-streaming option becomes available without having 1000 subscribers. One live streaming isn’t much profitable. It’s better to put it in the flow. But this is still a rather unexplored subject.

    3 key points of affiliate success

    Networking. Access to crucial and needed info.

    Curiosity. As long as you’re searching, you’re progressing. If you either have one creative pair or specialize in one thing only, you freeze, because the subject sooner or later passes away, and you’ll pass away with it as well.

    Endurance. 90% of the time is made up of failures and difficulties; there is no stability in this business. If you can take it day by day, then you’ll be fine. Affiliate marketing always throws up new challenges: there were problems with the ban on advertising activity, they were dealt with. Then there were problems with accounts and a solution was found too. Once TikTok was new and untapped, and now affiliates run their campaigns there. If you have the willingness to accept new challenges without feeling exhausted, then you will succeed.

    Find more interesting interviews in Part 2!


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