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    There are somefeatures according to which you can tell the difference between a successful affiliate marketer and an unfortunate newbie. All these features come with practice. It is like your favorite video game: you cannot gain a level-up until you have enough experience points. Therefore, all the successful affiliate marketers got these features by trial and errors: thousands $$$ went down the drain.

    The fundamental truth is – NEVER GIVE UP AFFILIATE MARKETING! That is it; you do not even have to read further. This is the only advice that will help you to get to the top and become successful, rich and satisfied.

    The main problem of 90% of affiliate marketers is that their attempts are not brought to an end. The successful webmaster runs dozens of campaigns on a daily basis, though few of them bring profit, as for objectively awesome case studies – they can be counted on fingers. The excellent webmaster is testing constantly, every day, chooses new offers, new products, new landing pages. The successful webmaster doesn’t stop. Each penny spent is one experience point, a game of chance and useful data for analysis. Marketing has always been an experimental sphere. Here tests prevail. Hundreds of tests.

    I understand that it’s so easy to become disappointed by your first money loss. Moreover, it can happen over and over again. Nevertheless, several unsuccessful attempts are not the matter for giving all up. Carry on! Each failure is a step towards the success which is inevitable if you do not stop.

    The best experience gained working with traffic is your own. Not the networks’ case studies, not the advice from other affiliates at forums, blogs and etc. Webinars and instructing videos can give you some knowledge, but not the experience. In order to be able to buy media effectively – you need to be doing it.

    The successful affiliate marketer never gives up. Misfortune, constant money loss,epic fails cannot throw him off his stride. It makes him even more experienced and cleverer. If you stop right after another profitless campaign, it means that you lost your money in vain. If however you continue, make the right conclusion, optimize the campaign, and with the new knowledge get down to business – the success will definitely come soon. There is only one rule, I remind you, – do not stop and do not drop out of the game.

    The successful affiliate marketer doesn’t focus narrowly on one thing. He runs several campaigns at the same time. If one combination doesn’t bring any profit at all, he is not going to reanimate it; he shifts his attention to another project.Top affiliate marketer never looks back, top affiliate marketer continues working.


    You always have to carry on and not to drop out of the game for a long period of time. Ad platforms, methods of profitable traffic buying change rapidly. If you do not use your favorite ad platform for 2 months, meanwhile all the algorithms, rules and interface will change. The excellent affiliate marketer is always on the alert, monitors all the changes and he is always “online”. He understands that if he stops for at least one month everything will go to pot.

    It is very easy to miss your chance in affiliate marketing. Did you stop? Start again from scratch. Do not allow doubts and procrastination to distract you from work. Put some guts into it and you’ll definitely find out profitable combinations. Nowadays, you need to work quickly, be able to succeed even with the teaser of a poor quality. In order to redevelop and keep pace with the best in the market, you need to act vigorously. Day late and a dollar short.

     Learn to distinguish between movements from real actions. We are all driven by one simple and strong motivation – money. Media buying for the sake of media buying means nothing. Remember, all the actions are made to get profit. You monetize your experience, that’s why all the money invested in media buying is the investment in your experience, craft and potential. Do not stop working till you get profit. If you stop you will lose, and all the money spent will go down the drain. What is the most important thing in marathon race? It is not about Strength, Stamina and Intellect. The most important thing in marathon race is to finish (to drive to the tape). If you don’t finish – your attempt will not be taken into account. The same thing is in affiliate marketing. If you have decided to start media buying, then do it till your work brings profit. We all came here to earn money. Do not give up till all the money spent comes back.



    Insider tip. Well-known Stackman, one of the opinion leaders and founding fathers of STM forum, before obtaining his first success on media buyingwas constantly running ineffective and profitless campaigns for six months 7 hours per day. In the end, he hit the Jackpot and now he is making thousands of dollars daily.

    This is it. I advise each and every one of you to carry on and not to give up your affiliate marketing journey until the success comes to you.

    Thank you and goodbye.




  • John 03.03.17 at 7:33 am

    Niche is most important thing in Affiliate Marketing.

  • Praveen Kumar 17.07.17 at 11:54 am

    very very Inspiring article.. thanks a lot for your motivation.

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