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  • How to defeat the Golden Shield?
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    Recent GEO reviews were all about Europe. So this time we decided to change it up a bit and so we are going to talk about Asia, namely, about China.
    Back in 2009, China blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and restricted access to Google.

    Actually, bypassing the Golden Shield is possible, but very few people do it because it’s really hard. Affiliates are confused and afraid because they don’t know where to get traffic from. Don’t worry, the Chinese have their own search engines, messengers, social networks. Let’s see.

    First, China has its own Baidu search engine, its messengers, social networks. By the way, Baidu is one of the largest sources of traffic in the country, so you better pay particular attention to it.

    Secondly, Wechat and Weibo. These ones are messengers and 90% of communication in the country occurs there. Also, Wechat is the most popular mobile app (given that there are more than 600 million mobile internet users in China). Every company has an account on this network.
    In fact, many IT companies in China copy the original design and concept of blocked apps and resources and release their copies with a different name. And do a really good profit. However, there arises a problem of the language barrier arises – only 1% of the Chinese knows English on a fairly good level to use international services. The point is that it’s better to make ads in Chinese, and also one piece of advice – do not translate into Chinese by yourself. Don’t forget it’s not informal communication, it’s advertising where the right message is very important.

    Finally, with regard to the offers. As it turned out, the niche that works the best there is the adult. Using adult networks with hubs, you can make good money. Also, native ads work well too. At least on our offers. Speaking of. Check out our hottest Chinese offers right below:


    We will release a full review of China soon. With all the advice and recommendations on how it’s better to run traffic there.

    So stay tuned and good luck in conquering China 😉

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