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  • Elons Get Closer: Progress at a Light Speed!
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    Heya there!
    Here we come with the promised deets! Impatient to know how to make a big step forward to your next Elon with Chargers? Let us tell you!


    Chargers are updated challenge rates for some AdCombo offers. They will help you calculate the needed sum for making 1 Elon with an offer

    There are 4 types of Chargers:

    ⚡️ Charger 1,25х: 1 Elon = $8000 (this means you need to earn $8000 to get 1 Elon with the offer labeled so)

    ⚡️ Charger : 1 Elon = $10000

    ⚡️ Charger 0,8х: 1 Elon = $12500

    ⚡️ Charger 0,5х : 1 Elon = $20000


    The Chargers will be awaiting you in the AdCombo user interface:

    To select the offers with a desired Charger, sort them out by using a new filter on the Offer list. Also, you can discover an offer’s assigned Charger on the offer’s page. 


    Chargers are out on April 20, 2021, 00:00 (UTC+0). The interface with chargers will be out very soon!
    NB: Please ask your manager beforehand whether the offers you’re promoting will undergo new rate changes.

    Spelling out

    How to calculate Elons with Chargers?

    Let’s say, you’re running an offer with Charger 0,8х. You’ve already earned $10000. Well done! You’re very close to getting 1 Elon! To calculate it, just divide your sum by the 1 Elon cost according to the Charger of your offer: 10000/12500 = 0.8. This means you have 0.8 of 1 Elon or 80% of it. 

    Want to learn how many leads you need to next Elon? Use TeslaVision Counter in the Tesla tab of the user interface!

    How to calculate Elons if I’m running offers with different Chargers?

    Your income: $4000
    Your Charger: 1,25x (1 Elon=$8000)
    Percentage of 1 Elon: 50%

    To get the other 50% (to 1 Elon) with the offers having diverse Chargers, you need to follow one variant:

    1. Offer with Charger 1x

    Make $5000 (50% of $10000)

    1. Offer with Charger 0,8x

    Make $6250 (50% of $12500)

    1. Offer with Charger 0,5x

    Make $10000 (50% of $20000)

    Will my obtained Elons be re-calculated with Chargers?!

    Don’t panic, all your Elons will remain untouched! 

    Check out the Chargers for the offers you’re running, or pick new ones to…


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