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  • Exciting New Offer for Joint Health in Europe and the US!
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    Heya there!

    Looking for a Health offer with a higher payout? How about a pack of THREE?

    Unlock the Shark Power with Shark Motion

    Greet the new dietary supplement for joint health – Shark Motion!  It comes in a form of capsules full of clinically studied goodness. 

    Click on the offers to see the details and creatives

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    Shark Cartilage – Trendy Ingredient for Joint Health

    A little advice – use the key ingredient!  The shark cartilage is believed to:

    🦈 Provide powerful inflammation relief and inhibit the vascularization of cartilage. The latter is associated with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; 

    🦈 Fight pain and stiffness in joints; 

    🦈 Help grow new cartilage tissue due to all the chondroitin and collagen it contains;

    🦈 Be especially effective due to natural marine origin.  It is also rich in calcium and phosphorous in accessible forms.

    Although scientists have been challenging these claims widely, a great number of people worldwide still believe in the effectiveness of shark cartilage and testify for it themselves. 

    Also, check out some Google trends:

    Motion Line – Triple Complex for Triple Profits

    We’ve been fighting this war against joint problems for years now – but the demand for joint health products is only getting higher.  Bone and Joint Health Supplements market worldwide is projected to reach an astounding $9.4 Billion by the year 2025 (the US alone is estimated at $2.7 Billion, so pay special attention to our US Motion offers!).

    To claim our share, we’ve designed a whole KIT of offers: Shark Motion, Motion Energy, and Motion Mat

    Swipe the images to get introduced to the other Line’s products.

    So, basically, now the magic is in MOTION, and you’re about to TRIPLE your profit!

    • One.  Test each offer of The Motion Line on your audience, pick the best combination, and scale up!

    • Two.  Pick your offers with their main qualities in mind: Shark Motion is best at making joints stronger, Motion Energy kills discomfort in no time, and Motion Mat copes with muscle tension, helps with ad bans, and just looks amazing on photos;

    • Three.  Don’t limit your targeting tests. You got three products. Various muscle & joint problems.  Aim for a wider audience! Mix it up!

    Find Your Key Audience

    Older people are still a huge market for joint health supplements, and the demand is expected to grow as the population ages.  But don’t overlook the middle-aged group, as these are the consumers that are eager to maintain an active and pain-free life and prevent age-related problems for as long as possible.  Also, look for smaller groups to target – young mothers (postpartum hormonal joint pain is pretty common) and manual labourers of various professions can be an interesting choice.  

    These info cards will help you understand who to target first. Dive in!

    Surfing Three Waves of Profit

    That’s it! Check out the Shark Motion offers, grab the photos, examine the target audience’s troubles closely and offer them a way to a better, pain-free life. 

    Getting some neck pain? 

    Sit up straight

    set up your campaign and don’t be late!

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