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  • Foot Trooper – next step to profit heights
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    How many people around the world suffer from toenail fungus? About 1 out of 10 people on the planet! 

    That means over 700 million potential customers worldwide

    Nail fungus isn’t a serious disease, and that’s a definite advantage of antifungal offers for affiliates. People don’t run to the doctors immediately, but prefer to either wait until it disappears itself, or look for a solution online. Google Analytics proves it with the increasing number of search queries “toenail fungus”.

    People are looking for a solution, and where is a demand, you can give an offer!

    We’re launching the unique product that fights against toenail fungus – Foot Trooper.

    Antifungal offers have taken their place among top offers of many CPA networks. However, there have been no new products in the niche for a long time, and especially with super benefits:

    • Spray format.

    Most antifungal products have a creamy texture. The spray format is a better choice since it means the convenience of use to consumers. No need to wait till the cream absorbs, and no need to worry about getting clothes greasy. Everything is quick and easy. 

    Customers can use the Foot Trooper after workouts to feel clean and fresh (it contains menthol) or after swimming in the public pools and taking public showers as preventive measures (it already extends the TA).

    • Based on the huge amounts of data about the conversion rates, our creative department has worked hard to make unique landing pages and pre-landing pages for this offer (landing page1, landing page2).

    Fresh creative pairs will increase CR, which will have a positive impact on your bank account.

    • The quality of the product, easy use, and natural ingredients (citrus oil, menthol, honey extract, tea tree oil, neem) will make people buy Foot Trooper over and over again.

    Want to make sure of yourself? Request a sample from your manager!

    What about payout rates and GEOs?

    (You can tap the pic to learn more!)

    Who’s the Target Audience?

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people at risk are: 

    • Older adults 
    • Living in hot, humid climates (Salute, Mexico!)
    • Walking barefoot in public pools, public showers, and locker rooms
    • People with constantly wet skin in closed shoes (you can try a narrow targeting for a better CR).

    Sum up

    You’ll get a new quality product with a wide choice of target audiences, and the ability to run campaigns on different ad platforms (depending on where you have the best traffic). A convenient, unique product format, the demand for which is growing. And a wide range of GEOs with competitive payout rates.

    To launch or not to launch is an open question. But it’s better to test it than to hear about other’s success 😎

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