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  • How To Get All The Hot Insights At The Conf
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    This article is a sequel to this one.

    We’re proceeding directly to the manual without stating the benefits that you can get from networking.

    Media buyers are crazy about niche events.

    Working with affiliate marketing is associated with loneliness. Yes, now many of the affiliates are joining teams and networks, but most are still on their own. Sometimes it happens that you unbearably want to discuss your favorite creative pairs with someone, but no person offline can understand what you talk about.

    Any offline work involves real communication with colleagues, while affiliate marketing means only online chatting. Thus, any niche gatherings of affiliate peers are popular.

    To be honest, a media buyer often goes to an event, not for the sake of finding interesting contacts, but to chatter about his favorite business with like-minded people.

    Purposeful networking is the prerogative of more experienced and independent professionals. But even if you sit glued to the blue screen for days having no opportunity to train your communication skills, and there are only one and a half affiliates in your area (you and your mirror reflection, LOL), you can still make useful contacts and collect information.

    So, what do we have? 

    Actor: you and you are an affiliate

    Diagnosis: probably an antisocial syndrome and some friendship difficulties

    What happens: you go to the next hot affiliate conference. 

    Here comes the question.
    How to build a proper communication?

    Below there is our subjective list of tips that will help everyone not to be a dummy at any affiliate event. 

    1. Go through all the stands without exception. It’s a must-do action

    There is such a phenomenon that an affiliate comes only to the booths of those networks and services whose managers he knows online. After all, being a no-name person that comes to the reps of unfamiliar networks is not good. Misconception here! Representatives at the booths want to talk to everyone and will be extremely happy to meet with unfamiliar visitors. 

    2. Start a conversation with a certain topic or a clear question

    Conferences are about thematic communication, not just chatter for chatter. If you want just to prattle your tongue, then go find other affiliates. At the booths you need to ask clear questions and give the same answers;

    3. Do not spend all your time in one booth

    The Small-talk principle lies behind all the events. Come to a booth, have small talk, understand how you can be mutually beneficial to each other, exchange contacts and business cards (or make an appointment), and then go back to each other’s own business. That’s it. 

    4. Do not aim to mingle with your mates

    It is better to come to every booth and try to communicate with everyone. Of course, without interfering with other attendees’ conversations;

    5. Never interrupt other people’s convos if they have nothing to do with you. NEVER.

    6. The true affiliate never has a business card or QR contact

    But every new acquaintance needs to be captured. We recommend taking a photo together with a new person and immediately sending it to the  person to any messenger convenient for him (Telegram, Skype, Facebook or any other);

    7. Always make appointments in advance

    Before the event starts, send several messages stating your intention to the services, networks, and reps you’re interested in the most and try to find the most convenient time and meeting place for both parties. 

    8. Be initiative

    Don’t wait until a manager comes and talks to you first. Go and take the initiative into your hands.

    9. You should not be afraid to ask those questions that are of interest to you

    but know your limits – do not try to go too far. Always ask your question on an interesting issue. But there are always moments that can be critical for one’s business. Be able to strike a balance between curiosity and arrogance;

    10. Do not try to show off. You will only seem as a bin lid.

    We know that affiliates are keen on showing their abilities and achievements as peacock likes to show his beautiful feathers. But we all know that it’s a 96% lie. This behavior won’t suit you. Modesty beautifies and adds your charm;

    11. Do not embellish your achievements

    Many affiliates like to fib a little about their experience or traffic amounts. A little lie usually grows into a bigger one. Then it gets bigger and bigger…  Then you lose your personality, and…  Oh, you’d better always remember that power is the one who has nothing to hide. Always stay true.

    12. Always be able to say NO

    Often you come across cunning interlocutors who will famously try to pull out of you any useful information (if you, of course, possess it) and ask completely inappropriate questions. You must be able to say NO respectfully but firmly.


    It has nothing in common with networking.

    14. NEVER talk negatively about other people

    You can’t speak badly about people, no matter how much they infuriate you. Be a good boy.

    15. Fill your words with positive vibes

    Liked the booth of an affiliate network? Let its reps get it straight. Competent affiliate managers helped you with your questions? Highlight this fact.  One good word, as you know, can make a lot. 


    At all. No way. Know your limits. You’re here to network and not to get drunk. Wait until an afterparty.

    17. Do not respond to provocations and do not bully other attendees

    Having a brawl at the conference is a shame on the entire market as the CPA market is a professional field. If you have any trouble with someone (especially groundless) then call in the administrator or security.


    At the end (or during) of official events, affiliates always relocate to other entertainment venues. So,

    18. NEVER dare to leave the bar without paying for yourself.

    Do not do so, because it won’t give much credit to you.

    19. Don’t hang out until the last drop of alcohol

    The time spent among the affiliate peers can be very nice and enjoyable, but there is a type of affiliate whose party ends at the bottom of the last bottle.

    20. Networking is about info & reputation

    Networking is the process of collecting information and increasing loyalty among useful/interesting people. You need to understand what you are doing and why. Have a clear goal and intention, and not just wander among booths and people. 

    We hope that our manual will greatly help you develop communication skills and get profitable results at the events.

    See ya at the event!

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