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  • How to Write a Good Review to Get Affiliate Sales from Your Articles
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    Product reviews are one of the best ways to generate revenue from affiliate marketing. As people are always buying something new on the internet, and they like to read a review before they hit the purchase button.

    However, the most challenging task one can face is writing a good review to get affiliate sales. Like your content has to impress and convince the buyer. So they can hit the add to cart button and make the payment.

    And this is where most of the people lack. So we invited Jitendra Vaswani, the founder of Internet Marketing blog www.bloggersIdeas.com to write a guide for us on How to Write a Good Review to Get Affiliate Sales from Your Articles.

    Research about your product

    The first step for writing a great review is to do proper research about it. You must understand all the aspects of it. Like what is good about this product and what is bad.

    Also, do take your time and try to understand what the company is planning to do with their product. Then determine if the product is really good and has the same effect as declared.

    Even if the product is good, you will need to think about the buyer’s point of view too. Like the product, the cost might be way too expensive, or there is an alternative available for it and so on.

    Once you have done your research, simply start putting your words into a blank page and see how the article takes shape.

    Also, while you review your product, try to educate the reader as much as you can. This way, your readers will be able to trust you better and give you affiliate sales.

    Who is your target audience?


    Instead of writing a random review, you should pick a target audience which really needs the product. The audience has a lot of varieties. Like some are interested in tech, some are interested in food, and some are interested in other topics like books, science and so on.

    Hence, it is better to put your efforts to impress your target audience in your specific niche. However, when it comes to choosing a niche, there are two options. You can pick a niche that is crowded, or you can choose a niche that is unexplored.

    If you go with a well-known niche, it will take time for your article to get ranked in SERP. But on the other hand, if you pick an unexplored niche, you can focus on affiliate sales within a few months only.

    Also, it is better to select a niche that falls under your passion. So you will always be excited to learn about it and share your insights through your review. Also, you should keep a look at your competitors and see what kind of topics they are covering. This will give you enough idea on how to write good reviews.

    Properly format the text


    The next step is to properly format the text. A long article will not help you to convert your traffic into affiliate sales.

    If you make your articles easy to read and visually appealing, it will definitely attract the reader’s attention.

    But how do you format your text in a proper way? Well, here are some of the tips that you can follow:

    Summary box: A summary box is the smallest form of your review. It contains a small review along with pros, cons, and price. Just make sure your summary box gives enough ideas to your customers about how well the product is.

    Photos, gifs, and videos: Visual content like photos and videos help your readers to understand the product in a better way. Like you can add photos of different features of the product or add videos about explaining the product’s features.

    Short paragraphs: Keep your paragraphs as short as possible. It makes your content easy to read. Just have one or two sentences in a single paragraph, and it will do the job.

    Multiple headings: You should have multiple headings in your article and structure the content. So your readers will know what part describe the features of the product. Also, short and well-structured content will help you to get featured in Feature Snippets.

    Use AIDA To Get Affiliate Sales

    AIDA or Awareness Interest Desire Action is one of the best ways to get affiliate sales. It is a tried and tested method that helps you to get more sales on your website. And here is how it works:

    Awareness: The first step is to create awareness about the product. As in this case, we are promoting affiliate products. So we have to choose a product which is quite popular, and people are interested in it.

    Interest: The next step is to create interest in the readers. Like you can talk about the features of the product, talk about its benefits, and how it can help them out. So if they really need the product, they will instantly get attracted to it.

    Desire: You should also create a desire in your reader’s mind. You have to make them connect with the product in a way that they feel the need for the product. Like if you are reviewing an air quality meter, then you can talk about how bad the air quality is. 

    Action: Finally, you have to force your readers to take action. Even if your readers want to buy the product, they want a little bit of push to do so. In this case, you can simply offer them a coupon code or create a catchy call to action button. So your readers finally click on the link and buy the product

    Final Words:

    So that was the answer to your How to Write a Good Review to Get Affiliate Sales from Your Articles question. The main goal is to get more affiliate sales by choosing the right product and being honest while writing the review. Just make sure you cover all the topics that your readers might want to know, and you are all done.

     Jitendra Vaswani

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