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    When every single affiliate hears about their colleague’s successful campaign, they want to know ‘what offer was chosen’, ‘what platform was used to run traffic’ and of course ‘how much profit did they make’.

    Our affiliate not only answered all these questions, but also gave his own personal recommendations. 

    From this case study you can learn the following:

    – How to run a whitehat campaign on hypertension 

    – The rules for writing marketing texts

    – Which creative can attract more customers

    Can’t wait to start reading? Go ahead!

    Offer: Incasol

    GEO: Chile

    Period: 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2023

    Landing Page: own

    Traffic source: Meta Ads

    Revenue: $7181.00

    Spending:  $3175.84

    Profit: $4005.16

    ROI: 126%


    I asked Maria, my affiliate manager, for the best converting offers. I decided to choose Incasol from the list she sent me as it had a very high payout in Chile. 

    There is no question that creating a good landing page is very important when running a campaign. It should be as informative as possible, otherwise a lot of leads will end up in the trash due to incorrect or insufficient information on it.

    In order to avoid unnecessary problems at the stage of calling the call centre, the landing page should contain the following information: functions and ways of using the product, price and promotions.

    I decided not to use AdCombo’s landing pages and created my own for this campaign. Why did I do this? Well, I felt that many potential customers had already seen those landing pages, so I thought they had little chance of converting.

    I used my own tracker, primarily to keep track of ROI. Actually it would be possible to do without it by using the direct integration of Facebook – AdCombo.

    As for the domain, I wanted it to contain a product and a country name.

    If the chosen combination is already taken, it is necessary to add another word. Anyway, I prefer to use .com because such a domain name looks more reliable.

    It’s also good for SEO, as it can bring in extra clicks and conversions that you wouldn’t otherwise get.  


    I’ve tried to create ads in different styles, bearing in mind that their main function is to attract attention. Even if the text is well written, but the image or video is bad, the ad is doomed to fail. 

    I’ve tried making ads with images of people and products (or just products). I always follow Facebook’s advertising guidelines. I was running a whitehat campaign, so to avoid getting banned, I didn’t include images of people suffering from chest pains or heart attacks. 

    Finally, I created a very dynamic ad with video and motion graphics, I didn’t use a VSL. I did not use images of people, just the product: from different angles and with different background colours.  

    I set up the “health” interest to help the FB algorithm. This interest doesn’t limit the audience too much as it covers over a million people.

    When writing the text, I stuck to the “3 cs” rule: concise, concrete and correct.

    Original phraseTranslation
    Me siento aliviado y con más vitalidad desde que las tomo…Este producto realmente ayuda a que mi presión arterial se mantenga óptima.Since I started taking this product, I feel alive and kicking. It helps to keep a normal blood pressure.
    Obtén el 50% de descuento. Envios nacionales 🚚Get a 50% discount. Countrywide delivery🚚
    Pago contra-entrega 👇Cash on delivery 👇
    Hace un tiempo me diagnosticaron hipertensión, un amigo me recomendó Incasol porque es un buen complemento para la alimentación y el cuidado de la presión arterial. Dudé un poco al principio pero al ver que era un producto con ingredientes naturales, fue lo que me convenció, hice mi pedido con el servicio a contra-entrega.Después de un tiempo he visto resultados satisfactorios, me siento con más vitalidad y más saludable…Lo recomiendo. 👇Some time ago I was diagnosed with hypertension. My friend recommended Incasol to me because it is a good nutrition supplement for normalizing the blood pressure.At first, I had some doubts, but when I saw that this product contains natural ingredients, it convinced me. I made a COD order.After some time I saw the first positive results, now I feel healthier…I recommend it. .👇

    Conclusion 📊

    The Facebook numbers are slightly different from those presented on the platforms. I ran some technical tests, checked integrations to make sure that the information is transferred between platforms. And as I have already mentioned, the right choice of the domain name helped some leads to come through SEO.

    Speaking about the campaign, my advice is to start with small budgets: from $5 to $10 per campaign, not per ad set. A common mistake is to test 10 ad sets, 10 interests, 20 creatives. In my opinion, everything should be done gradually. If a campaign is bringing you the numbers you need, you should start scaling it slowly, no more than 20% per day. Our main variable by which we judge whether a campaign is worth scaling is ROA (it is 2.26 for my campaign) in 3 days. Why exactly 3 days? Because one good day could be pure luck and one bad day could be a Facebook lag.

    Thanks, Esteban, for this great case study about a whitehat campaign on FB! And also for sharing your  “3 C’s” rule with us: concise, concrete and correct.

    By the way, you can find information about cases, streams, new offers and contests in our Telegram channel. Subscribe and follow the updates! 

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