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    Dear publishers, today we are going to present you our regular article about the Internet usage in different countries and today it will be Slovakia – great GEO with wonderful offers to test. Use the information below to run your campaigns in Slovakia. Here it is internet usage in Slovakia. Enjoy!

    General information

    •         The total population of Slovakia is 5,445,802.
    •         Ethnic groups: Slovak 80.7%, Hungarian 8.5%, Roma 2%, other and unspecified 8.8%.
    •         Official language is Slovak (official).
    •         Other Languages: 78.6%, Hungarian 9.4%, Roma 2.3%, Ruthenian 1%, other or unspecified 8.8%.



    Internet usage

    •         The number of Internet Users in Slovakia is 4,477,641.
    •         Internet Speed:

    Average Latency – 117 ms

    Average Download – 21.12 Mbps

    Average Upload – 14.80 Mbps


    The frequency of Internet usage in Slovakia:

    Every day – 82%

    At least once per week – 14%

    At least once per month – 4%

    Less than once per month – 1%



    Top websites:


    For your convenience and for visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:








    Social Media Usage

    2.50 million of the Slovaks are active social media users (+9% since January 2016) which is 46% of the population. 2 millions of them are active mobile social users (+11% since January 2016) and it is 37% of the population.



    It is not a surprise that Facebook overwhelms the social media market share in Slovakia and is the most popular one. Let’s have a closer look at Facebook usage:

    •         2.50 million – total number of monthly active Facebook users
    •         80% – Facebook users accessing via mobile
    •         72% – Facebook users using Facebook each day
    •         52% – Females
    •         48% – Males

    As for the Facebook pages themselves, here is the stats:



    Mobile Operators in Slovakia

    1.      Orange (Formerly Globtel)
    2.      Telekom (Formerly Eurotel, T-Mobile)
    3.      O2


    The number of mobile subscriptions is 7.36 million (+3% since January 2016).

    That’s it. Hope you will find this data useful for your campaigns. Good luck!


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