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  • Keto Guru case study: $9500 profit in 1,5 months
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    Hey, guys! We continue accepting case studies from our affiliates. You can also send your interesting case study to us and grab at least $150! The more detailed – the better!

    Today’s case study is about running a Diet offer in Romania. Here is what our affiliate has told us: 

    Campaign Details:

    Offer: Keto Guru – RO

    GEO: Romania

    Traffic Source: Facebook

    Income: $18 997

    Profit: $9 497

    Total Spend: $9 500 

    ROI: 100%

    Period: 27.12.2019 – 15.02.2020 

    My manager Jane recommended Keto Guru for me as the most fitting offer, and I decided to go give it a try. Jane also suggested using a few creative pairs that worked best with the offer.  

    This pre-landing page gave me the top results. I tried split-testing with others, but they were less effective.  

    DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article are intended for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of AdCombo.  

    I used several approaches with creative strategies. 

    1. Teaser

    1 cup before bedtime = -2kg, note the recipe for morning usage

    2. Photo with pills +  the same text

    1 cup before bedtime = -2kg

    3. Slim girls  

    4. Experts in white coats

    The “pill strategy” had performed best of all, and I decided to use it in other creative materials. Also, I experimented with the other creative strategies. All of them were quite efficient. Here are some more examples: 

    Are you 90kg? You will be 50 kg! No sports or diets!

    At that time one unique creative could be uploaded to several accounts, so I uploaded it without a single change. I used it while it still gave cheap leads and then stopped.

    For that campaign I used “rented” accounts, with assigned Business Managers and a $350 limit. Only one campaign could be launched with each BM, otherwise the BM had good chances of being banned. I created accounts without additional preparations with a daily budget of $200-$300. 

    On January 9th, Jane gave me a payout bump, which increased my ROI. I was running the offer for a little more, until mid-February, when CR dropped, and I switched to other offers. 

    I’m also using a Keitaro tracker, but unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots of that campaign set up in the tracker. The statistics were deleted as I started working with another server. Anyway, I have some statistical digits that I keep in Excel. 

    Period: January 1-31

    I want to say: thank you AdCombo for the stable approval rate and thank you Jane for your help! I appreciated it a lot!

    So, I wish you impressive digits in your stats and a high ROI!


  • Shivam 14.04.21 at 8:29 pm

    Good report… i got motivation reading this study… thanks

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