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    Out of all the columns for posting, my least favourite are the new offers announcements. CPA-networks are vying with each other to recommend their new products, arguing that it is their product that guarantees huge conversion and an impressive profit. They draw cheerful banners, but in fact, it’s quite the same old story.

    There exist plenty of techniques for launching a new offer in separate geos. Some guys launch immediately as soon as the goods arrive at the warehouses with no preparation at all. Others reinforce their launch, creating a fake hype around the product. Some networks simply copy ready-made concepts and profit from the success of someone’s brand.

    Unlike all other affiliate networks specialized in COD, we practice probably the most advanced launch technology. The offer is tested on our inhouse traffic, then it is warmed up by our inhouse media-buying departments. We additionally pump up each geo with SEO traffic (where it’s necessary). Among other things, the product is initially tested in particular regions (most often in the CIS), where landing page, prelander, package, angles and approaches are fixed to maximize your final profit. The perfect product comes out in public release.

    On the other side infrastructure is operating (call center scripts, logistics, delivery, etc. are being optimized). No one in the whole world can say that AdCombo is not effective while running the COD-products on different geos.

    Today, at least I am not ashamed to talk about an offer, that is a relatively new one, but for some reason offensively deprived of attention. Black Latte got you all so carried away, that you unjustly ignored the existence of Keto Guru. Though it seems that this offer has a strange name, it should potentially be just as good as Black Coffee. And I’m gonna tell you why.

    Keto-diets are popular on their own, but every few years they are being hyped up. So every mature advertiser on the market has already set up his analogue product. Check Offervault and have a look: there are more than 320 diet offers with “Keto” in their title. And all of them are relatively young. The whole world is hooked on keto-fever. Such a boost should not be ignored by the affiliates. An offer is usually popular when each and every media-buyer manages traffic on it. And Keto Guru is an ALREADY popular product, even though not every single affiliate runs ads with it. The key and most important advantage is Cash on Delivery model. In Europe (especially Eastern) CPS hardly works at all. Nevertheless, every man in the street has at least several times heard about the miracles of dietary supplement with “Keto” in the name (he can not order it since CPS doesn’t work). That’s it.

    How to manage your traffic on the product?

    Try to dismiss/give up the idea that Diet offers in Facebook Ads can be whitehat products. You remove the unnecessary – you get no conversion. You add what is needed and get banned on the policy. You can and you should manage your traffic on diets in Facebook Ads and Google Ads using you know what methods. Plus I recommend Push: we managed to take out cheap leads from Push.Adnow.com but, unfortunately, there were not enough of them. Who does not go for volumes is welcome. Native advertising always wins, so native ads experts are welcome as well!

    We’ve made some fresh and unique landers, especially for Keto Guru. As for me, prelanders aren’t that great, but more than that was converted on Black Latte. Product managers and business development specialists promise a better approve than in the whole niche and all of the existing competitors on this offer. It doesn’t mean that you have to remove traffic from Black Latte and manage it on a new product – you can split it (see for yourself). Moreover, support managers will love you especially if you test this particular weight loss offer. In any case, we plan to do the same trick as we did once with Money Amulet, so within days every website on every device will retarget our ads to you in order to make you test the offer anyway. You’re still going to start managing your traffic on it – so why hesitate? Just do it right now. 🙂

    By the way, the other day I accidentally came across one webmaster with a very interesting decision on cloaking (on Keto Guru). I don’t think he will permit us to talk about his method, but… Show me some good conversion and I’ll see what I can do.

    That’s all. Bye!

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  • Anthony 19.07.19 at 6:50 pm

    Thanks for the offer review, it’s quite good but I’ve noticed a few mistakes and they make it tough to read 🙁
    Anyhow I’ll try to run Keto!

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