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    CPA marketing is still very new in Vietnam. It’s evolving, people are interested in its potential and affiliates just started to explore this area. Vietnam used to the CPC model, that’s why they do have lots of traffic but still don’t know how to monetize it. At the same time there are not enough affiliates yet so the competition would not be tough if you join soon. We believe it will give you a really good head start working.

    If you are ready to try, there are some sources where you can get targeted traffic:

    • Facebook Ads has over 64 million users in Vietnam. Add on top of that the fact that Vietnamese spend nearly triple the time on Facebook than Japanese, for example, and you get a lot of extremely cheap traffic for almost any product. Making your creative materials, consider that most users there are 18-35 years old, count on young audience mostly. And you’d better be careful with your creative materials because Vietnam government doesn’t allow any advertising that contains anti-government information.
    • Cốc Cốc is a web browser and a search engine, the second one in the world top with 22 million clicks per day. Simply put, it’s a Vietnamese Google Chrome. The best tool for affiliatesin Vietnam – a lot of really cheap ($0.01 per click) and targeted traffic. Don’t forget that their search engine runs entire analysis about people who use it which makes it the best tool for affiliates. Cốc Cốc offers different kinds of ads but, of course, better use banners. You can check the target audience by Keyword Planner and see how many people are interested in your product. Surprisingly, the most part of searches is in English, not Vietnamese. Where you can get the creative materials? Just use the landing pages and google translator, that would be more than enough.
    • Zalo is a Vietnamese messenger that also has an advertising system Zalo Ads. They have various kinds of ads for products advertising and you are free to choose the most suitable one. All you have to do is create an account and that’s it. Next, you just create a product, set up an ad campaign and target audience, set budget and start advertising. Zalo Ads has a lot of targeted audience and their advertising system couldn’t be more simple.
    • Chin Media is the first-rate digital agency in Vietnam. They have over 3.5 million clicks monthly, more than 1500 orders per day and about 2-3% conversion rate. Also, one of the company founders is a Cốc Cốc owner so they definitely know how do the things work there. So if you need any help with native advertising, mobile strategy, conversion optimization or something like that – you know where you should go.
    • AdNow is a native advertising network, which has over 980 million unique visitors and serving over 6 billion impressions each month. Their services include not only native ads but banners and hybrid ads as well. No doubts that it is a big and strong network and they know their business – you can find a ton of grateful feedback on the internet.
    • MGID is another global native advertising network. But since it was founded in 2004, MGID has established itself as an expert in lifestyle and entertainment areas. This company is an undeniable leader in these areas in the market. 

      Also, you will be surprised by Vietnamese people’s “connectivity”, whether it is through the use of social media or mobile phones. If the product (or its advertising at least) is good then they’ll tell about it to their relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and so on. Don’t underrate the grapevine because that’s what will make them trust COD business-model and order more and more.

     Vietnamese market is like an undiscovered gold mine – cheap traffic, lots of interested people and, therefore, good CR. All you need to do is competently draw their attention to your creative materials and that’s it.

    That is where AdCombo comes in. We give you a great opportunity to start exploring this market – the payouts for some of our Vietnamese offers have been increased! Have a look:

    Also, we are glad to present you some brand new Vietnam offers, feel free to check it out:



    Vietnam CPA market is growing and developing and it’s the right time to try and experiment. The whole affiliate marketing is based on this principle and those who don’t try get nothing. We wish you luck exploring the market, learn its features and conquer Vietnam.

    That’s it for today. Good luck out there!


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