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  • Meet our new offer: MARAL GEL
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    Maral Gel is an innovative personal lubricant with natural ingredients for real men who are looking for self-esteem enlargement (if you know what we mean, yeah). 

    Let’s go into the deets

    Vertical: adult and medical supplies

    GEO: RO, SK, BG, HR, HU, DE, AT, SL, IT, PL, CY, GR, LV, CZ, LT, PT, FR, EE, ES

    Payout: $10 – $19.5

    Target: males aged 30 to 60 (or even higher)

    This offer is a win-win option (and a source of pleasure). The demand for adult does not lower and different intimate appliances usually find their end-customer very fast. Especially the demand for all kinds of intimate enlargers and other amusements takes off right before the holidays and, especially, on March 8 – let’s say, to please a sweet lady (or ladies):

    If we go and take a look at the analysis* of lubricant gel search queries for the last 12 months, we will see a quite pleasant result: 

    Moreover, in most GEOs, it’s not prohibited by law to sell and promote sex appliances. And also, there is a lot of adult traffic, and the audience does not even need to be motivated, even despite the competition.

    So, that’s it. If you still think that adult vertical is oversaturated, you’d better not do it. Just go, run traffic on this offer and see the result. 

    See you! 

    *All the statistics are made with Google Trends, where 100 represents the term’s peak of popularity, while 50 means that the term is half popular and 0 stands for no popularity.

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  • Md.Humayan Kobir 24.09.19 at 1:43 pm

    I am a cpa markatar, i work at a publisher so i wont public your produc.

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