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    While you fight the battle for conversions, we tirelessly work on new blasting offers to make sure you win!  This time we got an innovative Youth formula!

    High conversions, huge payouts, cool design, amazing ingredients, profitable GEOs… It’s not just a sweet dream, it’s Moleculica.

    This is our confidential report on Moleculica experiment.

    Tshh… it’s a strictly-secret information, but we know that we can rely on you! 😉



    The Moleculica anti-aging complex is a combination of three basic and essential in any skincare routine products: day and night creams and a rejuvenation mask. The universal formula contains pretty much ALL of the trending anti-aging components with proven effectiveness, that enhance each other’s performance in a well-balanced mix. Each product of the line is effective independently, but together they are an unstoppable triple force of youth.💪

    Wanna become a bit younger? Just let your affiliate manager know, and we will send you a sample of Moleculica.🧪


    The package is a special advantage of Moleculica. It fully conveys the image of a professional dermatological skincare product which is considered “luxury” since many pharmacies sell it at the price of $50 +

    Сoncise but eye-catching packs. Designers used the image of molecules and cells, as well as vegetal elements which carry a powerful message about the quality, reliability, naturalness, and innovation of the product to increase a customer’s trust. Moreover, the sunny orange, fresh green, and rich blue colors of the packs won’t allow anyone to be shadowed by other similar creams and will definitely attract attention!

    And it’s not enough! Here’s more: grab the pack of high-quality Moleculica photos to make the most effective and clickable creatives! 


    The main components of Moleculica are simple, effective, and, what matters a lot – popular and trendy. The whole industry – from professional dermatologists to skincare influencers and marketplace reviewers – sings such loud odes to their magical yet evident properties that they barely need any introduction. We’ve put a lot of research into this product line, tried it ourselves, and can proudly say – it works wonders!  Your customers will definitely be coming back for more.  

    Here’re the main active ingredients: 

    Hyaluronic acid and collagen with their capacity to make the skin more elastic and strong. Daily stress along with the normal aging process causes loss of moisture. However, hyaluronic acid and collagen have key molecules involved in skin moisture and have a unique capacity in retaining water; 

    Elastin – the main structural protein component of skin which prevents the formation of wrinkles;

    Retinol accelerates cell formation and regeneration, increases the efficiency of collagen and elastin. 

    All these components form a powerful complex that acts deeply, at the cellular level and includes all the most important components for preserving the youth of the skin.

    And the cherry on top of this Youth cocktail is a bunch of natural oils (almond, coconut, grape, peach, shea butter) and a multivitamin complex (B5, E, F, A).

    Interesting fact: Retinol and Hyaluronic acid are on TOP 5 of the most searched-for beauty ingredients of 2020.

    More relevant than ever: We’re all getting old, according to the World Health Organization from 2015 to 2050 the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will rise from 12% to 22%. It means that the market of anti-aging components will be steadily growing. So ride the wave and invest your resources in the right direction!

    Target audience:

    The winter season is especially challenging for our skin. The lack of sun, temperature difference (between the indoor and outdoor) makes it drier and be in need of extra nutrition and vitamins. Therefore, the chances that Moleculica will attract the attention of the audience increases significantly.

    Target 40+ years old females who suffer from skin aging: facial wrinkles and creases, dryness and laxity, large pigmentation and discomfort after washing. 

    Don’t ignore the male audience, even though it’s not that much (only 10%), but men can also be interested in the Moleculica, for example, as a gift for their mothers and grandmothers.

    Trigger points

    Skin aging can be accelerated by a great number of risk factors. We had done a large research in our affiliate-laboratory and prepared a list of the most widespread and scary factors that can cause early senescence. Use it in the right way, and you won’t lose a lead. 😉

    Slowing down of metabolic processes;


    Smoking and alcohol dependence;

    – Lack of proper nutrition, frequent eating of fast food, sweets and starchy food;

    Bad ecological and environmental conditions;

    Stress and lack of sleep;

    Exposure of UV rays.

    Do you have at least one of these, btw? Put your name in the risk group and save your cash for buying Moleculica creams in a few years!😄

    Report summary:

    The Offer Commission of AdCombo concluded that Moleculica is a high-potential offer with all the components that promote huge conversions, impressive ROI and audience loyalty.

    Now when you have this insider information, it’s time to fill up your traffic with youth and strength and get the money award!

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