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  • Monetize the World Cup!
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    One of the main events this year is FIFA World Cup. Football, beer, fans and lots of fun. But if you make some effort, you can turn that into money. The most important thing is to choose the right offer.

    And that is where we come in. We present you our awesome offer:



    There is no better time to advertise a subscription to varied “football” content than a World Cup, don’t you think? The bonus is the fact that this year Switzerland is attending the Championship (which doesn’t happen every time). So, the country is full of fans, which root for their national team and monitor any football information on the internet. And here you are – offer a subscription to what they are looking for! A visitor just has to confirm the subscription to the portal from the phone and $17 will be credited to your wallet!

    By the way, this offer allows incentivized traffic. Not enough information still? Okay, okay, we will tell you a secret – according to our internal data and statistics, content lock format with in-app traffic works best here.

    With all this information and 2018 World Cup on the background, you can monetize traffic to the offer with one snap of your finger. As we say in AdCombo, where there is a will, we show you a way 😉

    Good luck!

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