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  • New year – New offer!
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    Hello everyone, hope that you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays! Let’s start this year with discovering new opportunities! Meet our new offer – Veniselle. It will help people to treat their varicose veins.

    Why is Veniselle a great offer to run? 

    The issue of varicose veins has existed for thousands of years, and it won’t disappear soon, just like the disease itself. But where some people see the problem, real entrepreneurs see a solution. We introduced some varicose offers in 2017. As our old affiliates can recall, it converted really well. With Veniselle we focused on the main features of that experience and tried to make them even stronger. History will repeat itself with high CR! 

    Here are key features of Veniselle:

    • Good approval rate. According to our tests;

    • It can be promoted with white hat methods. It’s not an adult offer where you need to filter traffic;

    • Your CR will be high while the lead cost will be low. That’s also because varicose vertical is not exhausted;

    • Our marketing team did research when developing Veniselle. It was made to be noticed among other products. From key ingredients to the packaging design. 

    Also, we used Adplexity to see what people are running right now. Here are some results:

    Why will Veniselle be in demand?

    Now, especially with lockdowns, people move less, blood stagnation occurs, venous valves work less and poorly. Which means the risk of varicose veins increases. Also, as it is mentioned in Mayo Clinic research, standing or sitting for long periods of time can increase the chances of getting varicose veins. Thus, office workers are a perfect target audience for Veniselle. 

    Another research states that 50% of adults develop some level of venous insufficiency, with 25% of adults developing varicose veins at one point in their lives. They are particularly common in women due to pregnancy and wearing high heels. In men, they can also develop in the testicles, potentially causing infertility.

    Click on the pic to see the offers

    Join the game while the offer is still new and its CR is still high, and make ROI run freely to you!


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