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  • Nutra offers rock!
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    Every media-buyer who works on CPA basis knows: nutra offers are one of the main trends in Internet marketing nowadays.

    Sales statistics don’t lie! Reputable Internet-marketers write about nutra on their blogs. For example, STM moderator and entrepreneur Matuloo tells about profitable GEOs for this kind of offers. Of course, some nutra offers are season-related. Spring is the best for diet products, whereas health and beauty products are better to promote in summer. One of the top season-related nutra offers is Varikosette. Why? Summer is the time of short skirts and shorts and it means that health and beauty of legs are of primary importance. Top manufacturers of these remedies are Bulgaria, Germany, France and Slovenia. The demand for Varikosette across the Europe is great. For this reason, Adcombo has expanded offer’s geography. It’s a natural product; a good-quality and affordable remedy for any client mean big profit for a media-buyer.

    The numbers say it all:

    – The forecast is as follows: by 2018 the demand for such products most likely will have exceeded $13 billion.

    – 1-3% of the national budgets of European public health services go to treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

    – The size of consumption of this kind of products is 97.7% on the retail side.

    – Purchases of biologically active supplements and drugs on the Internet rank 3rd place among other Internet orders.

    – Varikosette sales are 4500 units per day with an average approval rate of 60%.

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    Start running traffic to Varikosette offer right now!

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