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  • Offers icy and spicy or how I monetized India
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    To cut a long story short, there are just a few trends about media-buying in Indian geo. They are special with the following:

    • Indian traffic in most cases has no conversion at all
    • This is the cheapest traffic in the World
    • Every affiliate can have access to large amount of traffic from India
    • There are billions of clicks daily
    • But it doesn’t convert into money L

    Indian CPA market obeys its own laws and rules.  The traffic is either 50% of bots or just doesn’t work (In most ways both, actually); the offers in India, on their turn, either do not pay for the leads or belong to the re-brokering networks that are re-brokering offers (that are again re-brokered from third parties), and the final payout is tiny.

    India itself is difficult to understand, Indian Affiliate Marketing is hard to be into, as well. It is quite the same as tasting Indian food for the first time. There are two variants: to suffer from a hardcore spicy food or to suffer from stomach ache.

    To succeed in Indian CPA, you have to have an experienced friend, who will guide you through all the mystery of this wonderful Market.

    And here we are – AdCombo. We are ready to help you conquer Indian CPA-market once and forever. We have just launched a set of SUPER HOT cash-on-delivery offers with impressive conversion and approval rates! There have never been such convenient ways to monetize Indian traffic indeed.

    Have a look at the offers:

    Why Run?

    – Сash-on-Delivery – is a common business model for Indians. They understand it, they trust it;

    AdCombo has the strongest call-center resources in the region. That means, your leads will be called out without any delay;

    COD offers are resistant to fraudulent activity. Thus, the advertiser can provide you good payout rates;

    You will never find another COD offer in India with the approval rates 30-35%;

    In most cases of traffic delivery, the advertiser is ready to guarantee a high score of leads approval (the guaranteed approval rates for your leads);

    – You do not need a special translation to promote – just run in English. Indians will like it. If you would love to run your ads with Hindi, then the cost of translation will be reasonably low;

    There is a bonus for those who dared to try: some tips and tricks about Indian traffic. Here they are:

    1. Make your creative materials more national. India is a land of great culture and traditions. They are proud of their national wearing, costumes, dances and so on. Indians are more likely to click their “national” ads. You can learn about their fashion trends here: https://www.vogue.in/fashion/fashion-trends/ ;
    2. Watch the texts of your creative materials and landers. India is the land of rituals and rules. To make your ads compliant with common rituals – you have to know them. Read about all the regulations and taboos here: :https://matadornetwork.com/abroad/10-indian-customs-to-know-before-visiting-india/ ;
    3. Make your creative materials plain and simple. The more plain your banner is – the better CTR you have. Use spy-tools or just surf local news websites for inspiration like http://www.jagran.com/news-hindi.html this one and https://khabar.ndtv.com/news/india that one ;
    4. Bollywood is unlimited. Indian movie is a great source of creative materials for a media buyer. What is more, local celebs are not as famous as their Hollywood’s colleagues. Thus, your ads with local celebs are less likely to be blocked or declined. Watch local videos for inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTiO93WptTA ;
    5. Do not use Facebook Ads accounts with a USD currency. The minimum bid with US dollar is 0.01$ . You can purchase traffic much cheaper. Use Vietnamese or Russian currency instead (VND or RUB). In this case you’ll receive traffic at the lowest price;
    6. No Cows! Seriously. Use snakes instead. They are even more popular in India. Actually Indians are crazy about snakes.
    7. General rule: your ads should be bright, colorful and crazy – the same as Indian action movies; Make it impressive.

    We ask every affiliate at least to try. The affiliate marketing remains being a sphere of experiments. Those who never test – never succeed. So just risk it. Perhaps, you’ll be the one to make his 7 figures income on Indian COD offers. That’s it, guys.

    We wish you great luck.

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