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    AdCombo’s Royal Fit! A special bonus that is available only for our publishers. We’ve got to show what the real network’s concern looks like. AdCombo and ePayService provide you with an exclusive opportunity to solve all the payment concerns.

    EPayService is ready to provide a universal solution for the Facebook Ads and Google Ads payment just for our webmasters. What’s the deal? Everyone knows how irritative can the payment process be. From now on, you all have a unique opportunity to get rid off this problem by using one physical ePayService card (it includes up to three virtual credit cards with the reissue service).


    • Virtual cards are provided with the same BIN as physical ones. There will be no difference at all;
    • All the cards are bound to a particular address, the payment can be fit to your certain way of advertising and it won’t generate a trigger “suspicious activity”;
    • Facebook Ads and Google Ads trust a lot BIN addresses of ePayService;
    • Each AdCombo affiliate may have up to three virtual cards at a time, banned ones can be easily re-issued;
    • Virtual cards have pretty high limits ($ 5,500 for the balance recharging and the total turnover up to $ 600,000) and live for six months.



    Moreover, you can use those cards as a common payment. Exchange rates, money transfers, and cash-out from the ATM are pretty good. The cards are international so you can get your cash in almost all countries all over the world. Limit of the daily volume of transactions is $8500 (so is the max balance).

    Also, the service is mainly a payment for webmasters, freelancers, affiliates and small entrepreneurs. So no one is going to question the source of funds – that’s a good thing.

    Finally, the most important benefit: your card will not be blocked just because you decide to transfer your money to any online-payment service.

    But there is one tiny little issue. Using ePayService CCs, don’t even think to leave your Facebook bills unpaid. The company values the reputation of its BINs, so as soon as affiliates leave their accounts in the negatives and re-issue their cards – the service will block access with all the funds (and it’s right).

    How can you get it?

    You need to submit an application using OUR link (so the emission and delivery of the regular card will be for free). Contact your affiliate manager, ask for the link, register and – there you go – get your card for free! BY THE WAY, you can get the card only if you actually run traffic to AdCombo

    That’s it. And we highly recommend you to hurry up because the offer works in a test mode and could be suspended at any moment 😉


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