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    This month, let’s continue to smash those revenue targets and expand your reach into Bangladesh!

    ➡️Why? It’s rapidly growing health and beauty market! 🚀

    Vast Audience – With a population of 169.4 million, 62% are active internet users, and there’s a social media user base of 36 million.

    Low Competition – Yes, it’s not the easiest market to crack. The lower income levels lead to a reduced purchasing power. BUT “success breeds success,” and high-quality before/after content performs exceptionally well in this GEO.

    8.4 million people in Bangladesh live with diabetes, many seeking reliable and affordable health solutions – an excellent market for nutra.

    ➡️Kickstart your campaign with these high-demand offers:

    37105 Dia Fix  – Diabetes

    35797 Hair Surge Shampoo – Hair

    35784 Fairness Goji cream – Anti-age


    Enjoy 25% Guaranteed approve for the fist week!  And if you achieve a daily sales target of 10-20, guaranteed approve will be reserved 💸

    ❗️CONTACT your manager, send him this article to get this bonus!

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