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    Hello there,

    We continue our column with bonuses and discounts from our partners. And today we have a 30% discount from our good friends in SpyOver.

    This handy tool can help you to see latest native advertising trends and to analyse which creatives your competitors are running. So, WHY SpyOver is the must-have tool?

    1. Trends. You can select a time period and see which ads were popular within it. Useful tip: it’s better to select those ads which were rolling for at least 5 days. That will remove all so called «test ads» from the list.
    2. Filter. There are many parameters to play with. You can filter ads by browser, language, GEO,  device type and even by affiliate network and tracking tool.
    3. Site loader. A quiet useful feature using which you can download a landing pages to a zip archive. Not mentioning that you can download a teaser with only one button.


    Here we listed only three main features of SpyOver, but as always, you’d better check it out yourself. By the way, SpyOver has a demo mode. And for our affiliates they give a juicy discount – 30%.

    Important: you can get that promo code by asking your account manager.

    Link: https://spyover.com/

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