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  • TESLAVISION Prize List Has Charged Up!
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    Hey, guys!

    There are 2 weeks left until our interstellar journey to the Future ends – on November 30th.

    During these 9 months of wandering the CPA Galaxy, you have become true space travelers who are ready to enter the epoch of the Future! Very soon, our spaceships will land on the ground of a very 🚀🌴 hot country, where the prize draw will take place at the most futuristic TeslaFest party!

    Hope that your batteries have been charged with lots of Elons, so you are already cosmic winners!

    Let’s recap the key points of our Journey:

    🔋 All affiliates entered TOP-50 rating, are invited to the TeslaVision party – TeslaFest;

    🔋 All TOP 5 & TOP 50 affiliates get GUARANTEED prizes at the Party. Also, they participate in the prize draw;

    🔋 More Elons – more chances to win! All Elons of an affiliate convert into chips that will be put into the raffle drum;

    🔋 Each participant of the prize draw can win 1 major prize (a car or money prize) and 1 minor prize. Tesla Model X raffles among the Top-5, Tesla Model 3, $50.000 and minor prizes – among the Top-50.

    ⚡Learn more on the TESLAVISION page

    Today, we are rolling out the 🏆 list of prizes that will help all affiliates to succeed in the CPA world of the Future.

    Let’s check out what affiliates can do with their superpower

    Stay tuned, very soon we’ll announce the location for TeslaFest!

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