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    Today we will talk about Thailand and how to succeed there. You may not know this but Asia as a region is a very promising geo for Affiliate Marketing. So this time we want to tell you about Affiliate Marketing in Thailand success while working with this geo.

    Basic information

    Stats say that there are 40 million of the Internet users in Thailand with the total amount 68 million of the population at the time of 2017. What is about Internet speed in Thailand? The average latency is 176 ms.; download – 15,59 Mbps; upload – 3.63 Mbps. Mean internet speed is 13.7Mbps.

    Digital usage in Thailand

    Thailand is a multilingual country. But somehow they have 2 main languages –  Thai (25 million speakers) and Yuan language (6 million speakers). And do not forget that AdCombo has a translation service and we will be glad to help you with a translation of the creative materials. The process is really simple – you give us your creative materials, we translate it and take the money from your AdCombo balance.
    One more reason to run traffic in Thailand – the number of the Internet users there grows – it is an undeniable fact. And that is why you should pay attention to the information below.

    Projections of digital usage in Thailand

    You can see that growth in the number of mobile subscriptions and in the number of active mobile social users are rising really fast. This positive tendency will keep this dynamic.

    Top traffic share websites

    Operating Systems

    As for the operating systems used by people in Thailand, we can say that Android is the most popular one (as it is in Turkey).

    Popular Thai search engines

    Social media usage

    Thailand social media usage demographics

    Facebook: 52% of users are male while 48% are female.

    Age: 32% of users of Facebook are between 18-24 years old and 31% are between 25-34 years old.

    The user activities in this region are much higher than the global average level. The times of day that Facebook users are most active on the site is during workdays and on Saturdays from 6pm to 11pm.

    YouTube:  50.8% male and 49.2% female users. One user visits around 16.6 times per month and the duration per visit is 17.3 minutes.

    Age: 18-24 years old making up 45.6% of the user base and 24-35 years old making up 24.9%.

    Instagram:  35% males and 65% female.

    Projections of social media usage in Thailand

    And after all this analysis and statistic, we can proudly say that our payouts for TH offers are among the highest! Sounds like one more reason to run TH offers, right? Here they are:


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    Thailand digital market is growing really fast. Also, this country remains in the top 10 worldwide for social media statistics on network usage and consumer adoption growth in 2018 so it’s the right time to try. We really hope that this article would be useful for all of you, but if you still have any questions – contact your manager to get information you need smile

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