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    New Year’s New Products

    In 2018 we are planning to stuff Europe with AdCombo next generation COD products (as it was promised before).

    Today we launch a brand-new nutra product – the Wonder Cells. This is a rejuvenation cream having lots of splendid features: helps to calm itchy skin, heal chapped skin, replenish dry skin, hydrate and moisturize skin and so on. This is because of avocado oil, I believe:)

    The cream is so good, that you are going to regenerate as Hugh Jackman did in his Wolverine’s movies.


    WHY RUN:

    – The offer can be both whitehat or blackhat (depending on your approach). If you are going to be a good guy, then just remove “before-and-after” contents, and the contents with the doctors as well. If you’d like to go mad – then use a cloaking magic.

    By the way, we tried running this offer legally (with a whitehat methods). We were satisfied with the results. That is why we decided to develop a short set of whitehat landers for the offer (to run exactly via FB-ads). They’ll be ready till the end of the next week, so be sure not to miss them.

    – The product is brand-new, thus the call centers are the 24/7 guardians of high approval rates. We want this concrete product to be in our top-list, that is why everything gonna be fine with the offer.

    For now, Wonder Cells is available for 12 geos with various payouts (depending on a region). You can claim your manager to boost your payout, but not before you provide some good volumes (sorry).



    1. Native ads shows good performance, but you need to know some tricks with taboola. This network has literally tons of traffic for nutra, but you need to use some magic to extract it.
    2. Do not run PL if you’d like to test FB-ads. Just do not try.
    3. Traditionally IT and ES are the most popular geos to run, but the rest of the Europe is waiting for your traffic too, so consider to run also.
    4. Facebook is testing a new big red overlay “CASH-ON-DELIVERY”. If your ad-account has this feature – USE IT! You’ll be surprised with the results.


    Let us have the New Nutra Year started. We are going to launch dozens of products in the future, but that does not mean you need to stop sending traffic to the old ones.

    And a short little bonus for the affiliates: the one, who’ll be the first to make a contest case-study with Wonder Cells, receives a double reward.



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