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  • The Features of The Great AdVenture Challenge: New Trails to Discover Hidden Profits
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    Our exciting The Great AdVenture is gaining momentum!

    In this article, we’re going to tell you how the new features of The Great AdVenture differ from the ones of the previous challenges – Posh’n’Porsche and TeslaVision. And, of course, how they can increase your chances to reach the top and win Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV!

    A true treasure hunter is a persistent explorer who can create a route to the desired goal and do that advantageously! 

    The mission of the challenge is to turn you into a treasure hunter in the GEOs where affiliates’ feet haven’t trodden before. Rush to discover new GEOs and find genuine treasures, while some are limited to average incomes and habitual patterns.

    Let’s start with the obvious update – the appearance of the Great AdVenture tab with enhanced functionality in the AdCombo interface. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your adventure. The map of the regions, the regional rankings, the general rules of the challenge, and a lot more will help you do that!

    Now we’re getting down to the most crucial changes that will put your ad campaigns on the way to profit!

    In The Great AdVenture challenge, there are 7 regions where affiliate treasures are hidden, providing fantastic riches:

    📍 Africa

    📍 Asia

    📍 MENA

    📍 Europe

    📍 North America & Australia

    📍 Central America & The Caribbean

    📍 South America.

    The more regions you explore, the higher your chances to win! Use the map for navigation: it displays which regions you’re already running traffic to (they’ll be darker), and which ones you need to take for a test (the light continents on the map).

    To see more information about a region, click on it.

    For quick-stepping into a new region, check out Top offers. They comprise the most popular regional offers to get to the leaders!

    Now each region has its own ranking of treasure hunters! You can see the current positions of the affiliates closest to yours, as well as monthly leaders. Stay ahead of them, and the treasure is almost in your hands!

    And how was it before?

    In the previous challenges, the main tabs were Offers and My campaigns. There was no merging of GEOs into regions, no local rating with the results of affiliate working in the same region, and no ready-made lists of top offers for a region.

    The prizes have become even more luxurious! The major treasure – Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV will be awarded to the most daring adventurer. They will be picked by Fortune from the Top 5 participants; while $70.000 and other minor prizes will be raffled among the Top 50 participants.

    1 affiliate / aff team = Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV or $70.000 and 1 minor prize. Additionally, all the Top 5 and Top 50 participants will get guaranteed prizes. 

    And how was it before?

    Each region has its own ranking of treasure hunters.

    A region leader is determined every month by the largest number of Keys gained in the region. At the end of each month, the leader’s ID will be placed at the top of the rating table of a month. 

    The total amount of Golden Keys collected appears 1 calendar month after the end of the reporting month. This period is required to convert leads in the hold. 

    The top adventurers – regional leaders will be awarded additional Keys at the end of each month. The more leading positions in the regions an affiliate takes, the more Keys they can get in one month:

    The Keys will be credited as soon as the winner of the month is determined. The received Keys will be displayed in the overall challenge ranking. 

    A larger number of keys means higher chances to get into the Top-5 and win the Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV; or get into the Top-50 to participate in the draw of $70.000 and other prizes! 

    1 Golden Key = 1 chip for the raffle drum.

    What’s more, you can see the most converting offers in a region after clicking on a list. Choose the one you like and click on it to go to the offer’s page. 

    The list of top offers is formed automatically based on statistics: only offers that got the most leads in recent 2 weeks appear on the list. The data is constantly updated.

    And how was it before?

    There was only an overall ranking of participants that displayed the total number of challenge points for all GEOs. Affiliates couldn’t get additional challenge points. 

    Also, there was no automatically created top offers lists in different regions. To get top offers, an affiliate had to contact the manager. 

    You can use it to find the needed offers in a region. Find offers that fit you and will lead you to victory at a speed! 

    And how was it before?

    Previously, there was a general filter for regions, but it was general and unrelated to the challenge. For example, former LatAm has been divided into Central America & The Caribbean and South America.

    At the end of the challenge, the treasure hunt doesn’t end! 

    You can exchange Golden Keys for money after the final calculation of Keys: 1 Golden Key = $100. The maximum amount available for exchange is $1000 i.e., 10 Golden Keys. 

    No one stays without a prize! If you haven’t made it to the Top-50, the exchange will be the great opportunity to get the reward by having at least one Golden Key.

    The sum, available for exchange, can be viewed in a special area of the Great AdVenture tab. You can only get money from the highlighted chests.

    The exchange is helpful if one can’t go to the party or send one’s representative there, but the deserved prize must find its owner.

    Under the terms of the challenge, Top 50 adventurers can either exchange the Golden Keys for money or participate in the prize draw and get a guaranteed prize.

    Affiliates will have a month to get the money starting February 28, 2023. It can be exchanged immediately, or the affiliates can wait a month to let all holds convert into additional Golden Keys. 

    And how was it before?

    Money or any other prize could be won only at the party, through a raffle. If an affiliate could not go to the party or send their representative, their challenge points were burned. 

    True aff treasure hunters always search for new advertising funnels, test new offers, and discover unfamiliar sources. When the world is the trove with untold riches, the only thing left is to find the right key…

    🗺 Find more info on The Great AdVenture here. 🗺


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