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  • The More – The Merrier: 5 Lucky Tickets to the Final Party!
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    The finish line is getting closer day by day, and you keep on working hard driving traffic untiringly day’n’night. We see how diligent you all are, so grab the deserved BONUS –  a chance for the TOP 51-100 participants to attend the Final Party by taking part in our Finish Line sweepstake

    Tell you more?

    We’re giving away 5 Party Passes, each including entry to the Final Party and accommodation (1 party pass & accommodation per 1 person).

    How high are my chances?

    If you’re in TOP 51-100 at the end of the Challenge – really high!
    50 participants, 5 Party Passes, only 1 Party Pass per winner. Sounds good, huh?

    How do I win?

    We’ll exchange your Porsche Points for an equal number of sweepstake tickets. All the tickets will be raffled till we have 5 winners.
    So, it is what it always was – the more Porsche Points you make, the higher are your chances to attend the Party of the Year!

    The upcoming party is promising to be SO HOT! You just can’t miss it.  Remember how awesome The Ferrari Party was?

    Why do we claim that we throw amazing parties? Well, for one thing, our honored guests keep saying it! 


    Fernando Javier Digón

    Join us at the Final Party and witness all the glamour yourself! 

    Floor your traffic pedal to the max, The Race is almost done but there’s just enough time for you!

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