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  • TikTok’s Trend Discovery Tool: Converting Viral Trends into High CR
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    TikTok is a treasure trove of trends, where they mostly appear before everywhere else. The platform has 1 billion monthly active users, most of which constantly create videos and set new trends. The platform is so trend-driven, so trending content boosts the chances of getting at the top charts or attracting more users to a product promoted on the platform. 

    Anyhow, it’s one of many traffic sources with the same principle: one can make earnings here through monitoring, studying, analysis, and tests. Trends are spices that can make an ad more enthralling for users. 

    Right away, we’re going to talk about exploring relevant TikTok trends through the new TikTok’s Trend Discovery Tool. Also, we’re sharing some hints by Vitaliy, owner of the TOP TikTok affiliate team – TriTe, on how to use trends in ads and make users want to buy your product.

    What is Trend Discovery Tool?

    It’s quite a helpful new section of TikTok Creative Center that enables bloggers and marketers to keep pace with the most relevant trends existing on TikTok in real-time.


    Here you can search for the most utilized songs in various countries or certain songs and artists. There are available 7- or 30-day spans for displaying statistics. 


    Discover the most popular hashtags under the huge number of videos. Search by country, industry, or a definite hashtag. Display statistics for 1 day or 30 and 120 days.


    Find out top-performing videos in different countries. Decide upon the videos to show: the most trending or liked/commented/shared.

    Other ways to find viral content on TikTok

    🔎 Scroll through your feed and notice the repeated things. They are trends!

    🔎 Find influencers in a certain niche and look through their profiles attentively;

    🔎 Go to Discover page (the magnifying glass icon on the lower toolbar) and check out the relevant TikTok trends.

    “What about sales?”, or bonus commercial tips for TikTok Jedis

    Ready to try your hand at running ads on TikTok? The Platform itself aims to teach you the best business practices!  No extra spy tools or case studies are needed. TikTok has gathered all helpful stuff in 2 sections next to Trend Discovery. 

    Top Ads. Check out the best-performing ad units, their details & stats. 

    Showcases. Go to the section for studying successful bloggers’ short cases of promoting goods or services via TikTok. 

    Of course, solely viral trends can’t improve your CR, but combining them with the right ad strategy will do a nice job.

    Explore TikTok, discover trends, seize new traffic opportunities!


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