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  • To Launch or Not to Launch Ad Campaigns in Iraq?
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    What kind of traffic is converting in Iraq? What are the conditions? What about internet speeds? Is it even worth making video creatives? What should you be aware of when you start working with GEO? Give brief answers in the article!

    Population Overview

    Number of residents: ~43.5 million (as of 2023)

    Language: Arabic (AdCombo call center agents speak Arabic)

    Currency: Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

    Country code: +964

    Age: The average age of residents is ~ 20.2 years 

    Focus on young people when targeting and making creatives.

    How many internet users are there in Iraq?

    • 33.72 million internet users
    • 74.9% is the percentage of internet users
    • 56.7% social media users. 

    What social networks do people use? 

    33.4% women and 66.6% men surf over social medias.


    Facebook’s ad reach in Iraq was 39.9% of the total population

    Facebook restricts people under the age of 13 to use the platform, so 59.6% of the audience are relevant for your future campaigns in Iraq.

    26.7% of Facebook advertising audiences in Iraq were females, and 73.3% were males.


    There are 14 million Instagram users in Iraq. Instagram advertising reach was 31.1% out of the total population. 46.5% of them were relevant audiences for your ad (over 13 years). 

    35% of the Instagram advertising audience were females, and 65% were males.


    TikTok had 23.88 million users aged 18 and older.

    Its audience is 33.7% women and 66.3% men.


    The platform had an audience of 24.3 million users in Iraq. This is approximately 54% of the country’s total population. 

    46.6% of YouTube advertising audiences were females and 53.4% were males.

    And what about the internet speed? 

    • For mobile internet, the average speed is 30.62 Mbps.

    • For desktop internet, its average speed is 21.27 Mbps.

    That’s quite enough for your video creatives to load quickly and increase your CTR 🙂

    *Data for early 2023, source: https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2023-iraq   

    What else should you know about it? 

    This GEO is considered a region with a low competition. This causes a low CPL (that’s especially crucial for newbies with a small ad budget). 

    You can get a payout of $14.5 for a confirmed order by phone (for mainstream offers only)! 

    Please note: COD (cash on delivery) is the only payment method for online sales in Iraq!

    Offers for Iraq

    33150 Inno Gialuron – IQSkin Care

    16013 Flekosteel – IQJoints

    34057 Titan Gel Gold – IQMale Enhancement

    We wish you a successful start in the new GEO and many profitable campaigns there!

    Got questions? Ask them in the comments or ping your manager! 

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