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  • TOP-7 uncommon facts about CPA marketing
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    Are you sure you know all about affiliate marketing? We’re going to show you that it still can surprise you!

    In this article, we’ve collected seven uncommon facts about affiliate marketing that will be interesting and useful to affiliates of any level!

    Let’s go!

    1. Nigeria is the world’s leader in “affiliate marketing” internet search query 

    For several years now, the Nigerian market has shown an active growth in the popularity of online sports betting, which indicates the digitalization of the population and the opportunity for affiliates to access this GEO.

    But what many affs don’t know is that over the past year, the locals have begun to actively engage  in the niche. Their interest has increased by 63% compared to March 2021, according to Google Trends. Moreover, this country leads in the number of search queries for “affiliate marketing” in two years worldwide.

    2. 67% of affiliates are newbies

    According to our marketing research, more than 67% of affiliates are just learning affiliate marketing and are ready to actively develop in the niche.

    There is a growing demand for beginners, both from marketers offering various courses on iGaming,

    сryрtо, and other verticals and affiliate networks that provide favorable conditions for starting.

    3. It all began with adult

    At the beginning of the 2000s, the Internet was young and let adult content be quite accessible. At that time, besides  a huge number of viruses per a bit, the first adult sites had their  affiliate programs (not the common CPA networks of today’s), which offered affiliates rewards for referred clients.

    4. CPA marketing accounts for 16% of global e-commerce sales

    According to the INSIDER, the niche generates about 16% of e-commerce sales worldwide. This means that 1 out of 10 e-commerce sales in the world is made due to the CPA marketing.

    5. 40% of online marketers consider affiliate marketing skills important

    According to BloggingX statistics, 40% of internet marketers believe that CPA marketing skills are essential for anyone who wants to build an online career today. Others on the must-have list are mobile marketing, digital strategy, and integration planning.

    6. Ads reflecting sexual orientation have better conversion rates

    The statistics of Ipsos show that 71% of LGBTQ consumers are more likely to interact with online ads that reflect their sexual orientation.  That’s especially relevant for the dating offers.

    7. Using Google Chrome affects CPA Marketing

    According to Atlas VPN, as of April 2021, Google Chrome had 3 billion users, which is 41% of the world’s population.

    This means that any change in the company policy (such as Google’s decision to use the Topics API as a replacement for cookies in 2022) could affect millions of industries and businesses, especially digital ones such as CPA marketing.

    These are our Top-7 facts about affiliate marketing. What interesting facts about the niche do you know? Share them in the comments! 🙂

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