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  • Traffic Hunters Results
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    Dear friends,

    It is high time to summarize the results of our large-scale contest TRAFFIC HUNTERS!

    During the last week we were verifying all the registration whether they were fake or true. Only active registrations were recognized as qualitative ones. In this connection, our list of winners has changed a little bit. So, THE WINNERS OF OUR CONTEST ARE:

    7000$ – topofworld

    4000$ – marketingmachine99

    3000$ – Farsullah

    2000$ – Adam_Jenkins

    1000$ – crazymonkey

    1000$ – wiiner01

    1000$ – helloworld111

    650$ – affpaying

    650$ – UCtrai

    650$ – mojolady

    Sincere congratulations to all of them for their active participation and real fight!

    It should be noted that the battle was really tough and many participants showed unexpectedly good results. In this connection, apart from awarding the winners, we decided to distinguish the most outstanding participants and to establish special nominations for them. Please, welcome:

    pornogiusto – The most effective referral – $650

    BogSeo – The most productive affiliates – $ 650

    vnsocial – The most creative promotion – $ 500

    fan-fan – $100 promo code

    nehemias – $100 promo code

    kashiefh – $100 promo code

    registration – $100 promo code

    intervent – $100 promo code

    We would like to congratulate all the participants for all the activities: their landing pages, interesting case studies, banners and etc. Guys, it was really cool stuff. AdCombo Team appreciated it very much. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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