• COD save the UK Nutra market

    Hey friends!

    AdCombo is famous for its unique offers in the GEOs that aren’t penetrated by affiliate marketing yet. Today we want to share with you, guys, some great news! A royally rich variety of exclusive UK COD offers awaits you:

    Health products

    31187 Motion Mat – GB$18.5 (Acupuncture mat)

    28047 Motion Energy – GB$22.5 (Joints)

    29734 Shark Motion – GB$26 (Dietary supplements for joints)

    29602 Toxic OFF – GB $24.5 (Parasites)

    Diet & Weight loss

    29295 Matcha Slim – GB$25.5


    29932 Bluestone – GB$24

    29273 Rhino Gold Gel – GB $25

    Moreover, here you can find creative materials and photos for the offers.

    Why is now the best time? Let’s look at the statistics! 

    According to the latest data, nutra offers are in high demand:

    • 52% of the local population said that their musculoskeletal symptoms had worsened since the start of lockdown (according to the Oxford Academic Report);

    • Participants of a sociological survey reported the lowest levels of physical health and highest increase in weight; 

    • 72% of men in the UK aged 25-34 are planning to visit a pharmacy to stock up on sexual health products. Additionally, 74% of respondents experience erection problems.

    This GEO is a rare opportunity for several reasons: 

    1. High payouts for you to jumpstart your campaigns;

    2. The audience of the UK is fresh and the market is unsaturated with offers; 

    3. The GEO has a huge potential with growing demand for online shopping and purchasing power of population;

    4. Only AdCombo suggests offers, which work on the COD model in the UK!

    5. Special perks available! If you’re running Native traffic, talk to your manager.

    And don’t forget, you can request samples to make attractive creos!

    Launch the campaign before the British people start drinking their 5 o’clock tea! ☕️

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