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  • UpSize contest is over!
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    Remember we launched a boobs-iPhone contest with UpSize – CL? It’s time to post the results of this little competition. We will not reveal the identity of the winner but iPhone X is on its way to him (oh her – who knows) 😉

    But the anonymity of our winner doesn’t mean that we can’t get any feedback at all!  We learned how he had run this offer, had made all the leads and (had got) get the prize. And, of course, we are going to share it with you.

    It would seem that it’s impossible to win a contest like this one without using Facebook. But! Our publisher made more leads than anybody else with push-ups and native ads. He launched a couple of campaigns, saw really good conversion rates and launched his campaigns on all the sources he had. As a result, he made about 150 leads for the weekend.

    Of course, there were some difficulties – an endless process of testing, running campaigns in the negatives, white-hat campaigns did less profit than black-hat ones and so on. But our winner didn’t get desperate and continued his work.

    And here he is! Waiting for his new iPhone X!

    Those who took part but didn’t win – you all know how much AdCombo loves contests. Another one is coming soon, stay tuned! 😉

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