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    Today is the day! You guys finally have a chance to show how much love AdCombo.

    To make a long story short this is the first time we are taking part in the annual Blue Book survey and we are kindly asking you to take part in it. There are 8 short questions – it won’t take long.


    Why AdCombo deserves your vote?

    • Our Affiliate Managers are always ready to help. They will suggest you a working combo for your offer as well as help you to localize your creative materials.
    • We are always carefully checking our Advertisers before launching a new pack of offers.
    • We are sending free samples of the offers that we have to our affiliates. Now you can see for yourself the product’s quality and make your own, unique creative materials.
    • Our business model is structured in a way that we care about each of our clients.


    Why should you vote?

    • Your vote for AdCombo is the best way of saying «thank you» for the work that we are doing
    • Being ranked as the best CPA network of 2019 will motivate us to keep on doing BIG things for you. We will keep on developing for you – for our precious clients. We will keep on organizing events, various contests, giveaways and publishing useful case studies.


    How can you participate in this survey?

    1. Click here →  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/bluebook2019cpa
    2. And simply pass through 8 questions (don’t forget to choose AdCombo as «your favorite CPA network» in the second question, haha)
    3. After completing the survey just press DONE


    Thank you!

    And don’t forget that AdCombo will always love you, no matter what your choice is.


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